6. Technology & Movies Prediction Explained, Sacrifices, Transhumanism/music

They might send a finger so it is low-level criminal sir doing it how much more the government how much more the government even that movie boys in Versailles right even in that movie from the 1970s or was it sixties but what year was their movie again 60 but anyway in the engine in the movie alloys of Brazil is.

A movie from the 1960s in that movie you can see that there was cloning people then and only now in 2000 something they shed all we clone the Sheep young man they’ve been doing it since the 60s depending on its system hey as soon as they got that technology listen it’s like this you should ask yourself how.

Can they make a fruit like a break without a seed in it and it grows they have the seed but that seed is genetically modified and they took away the 1970.

A 1978 yeah 1978 but that movie took a couple of years to make so it was around.

The 60s why because movies take long to me but.

The point the thing back to the thing is this is how they how he could imagine that they did it in the in the stores you have now grapes like fruits without seed in it you ask yourself like so how did this even come to pass haha how did they do this well they was in a laboratory.

On Frankenstein made a couple of adjustments to the seed took away a couple of atoms you do DNA they.

Produce the way they reproduce that the.

Part of the tape they could take that out right they traded it like you can take out the wound they.

Take it out they take it out and then they let the thing the thing grow and when it grows it doesn’t have the.

DNA to make the the seed within so basically once you eat it you can’t reproduce it so that’s the same way that they.

Basically was close they didn’t need a father in the mother they need back in the days you had a joke there was a comedian that started a joke a manual test two things you remember that joke back in the days they was calling each other test-tube babies that’s real yes that’s not a joke that’s reality you had test-tube babies in those days and this is reality man all these things that.

Movies for example the movie demolition man did you know that the majority of those things came out already if you watch the movie demolition man with with Wesley Snipes and surfacer Stallone watch that movie and you will see like damn everything they said in this movie came out almost everything came out there’s still a few things they.

Need to come out like that power you know you’ve been a program with power because Wesley Snipes had power in that movie right he was stronger than Sylvester Stallone and he was like them there’s just two people I’m stronger now.

I can hit people and they fly away and stuff like that I’m real smart about the computer that’s their chip man then you have another movie called upgrade its 2018 movie if you guys ever move you’d be like what this is what they’re doing and then you go on google and then you type in military brain chip implants of amputated people so what.

They’re doing is they implant you with a chip and now they want to also type this you have military implants and stuff like that which is the RFID chip.

Right and then they want to actually communicate with each other without a family to the chip but it’s not televised there’s telepathically where it’s actually through the chip the chip because the chip is implanted in their brain and then the other guy has a chip also and then they can talk to.

Each other and then they can link themselves to computer you can also google that YouTube there are videos about them like that that’s that’s on the movie on the matrix from one look of trans people have people dislike this guy has a hole in his head and he put in a a lot a cable he put the cable in.

His neck and he’s connected to the Internet man hey that’s some satanic stuff but guess what movies do the same thing with Robocop but guess what these things they’re actually preparing the people that actually get.

Adjusted to were likely to get accustomed to it have you ever had a Trojan virus on your PC can you imagine somebody put in a Trojan.

In your inner chip because soon they’re gonna sell that to man like a virus scan Colin you know he is also talking about yeah your chip needs to be a just every now and then and I had multiple chips in my in my body man you know so they are all so busy with that but look up the we’re transhumanism because that’s what they working towards man word but.

You’re Hawk with all these movies right they’re not famous they have been doing these things behind the scene for decades because they say the government is about 60 to 70 years ahead of us right.

Now i’ma show you the how how real it is you remember.

The Jetsons right your gentle jets away from those preserve the Jetsons The Jetsons right they had they had enough flash screens coming out coming out to the wall they had phones where you could talk to a person then you can see the person right they have all types of crazy stubborn right like like an like their movie right I mean another in a cartoon.

The Jetsons The Jetsons right The Jetsons like all those things that happen in the Jetsons like the flash PPV you can talk to a person while actually having a conversation with them that’s all right now and you know where else I saw that also in the movie demolition man there you can see people I know back in the days view was like he can just talk it II think it down and we’ll be ghosts with a little person no he’s talking to him like face-to-face.

Like reality yeah now they have it in the stores may you can buy that phone for like literally put on in Euros you can do whatsapp you can do with with anything you.

Can buy a phone on celebrity here oh yeah 7:04 phone can do Dennis this shows you that the things that they put in say what he said toda Rico he had a brain chip oh no such thing had a brain chip and also what’s this guy name again jean-claude van damme he.

His foot then and it was trakula and then he needed to cut the thing out and save all these movies they come into reality because these people you know what the producer said one of.

The biggest producers I think he was still asleep in Spielberg but I saw a lot of interview so I’m.

Kind of mixed up with the names but the biggest one of the biggest producers in Hollywood he said this if you want to become a.