Travel Vlog – Las Vegas Day #3 | The Mob Museum And The Strip

But there’s also Tec all the lights and all the pumps and everything go yes oh my god this is so good actually oh yeah so there it is there’s trim oh my god weep so here’s Venice oh look it’s a duck guys is that dark fake we just got back from the pool put in some footage now but.

Restaurant then we’re gonna go to a mob museum and hello vlog update so we just got done eating at an Argentine restaurant so that was pretty cool I had a pizza and we.

All had really good food so we’re now going to the mob museum situation deal so we will see you there when that happens at that time goodbye hey guys update we made it to the mob museum so let’s go inside come on guys the.

Crime the crime lab to do a little bit more relaxing hopefully oh yeah well how the tables have Trevor update vlog we made out then after the use of force thingy we did a forensics lab look pretty cool now we’re headed back.

To the car with this great lighting and yeah we’re going to take a nap at the hotel well they’re gonna take a nap and I’m gonna edit the vlog because hashtag vlog grind don’t stop there’s the my Museum in the background but yeah we’re gonna head back to the hotel.