Self-worth & Friendships

Hi friends so we here today and today I’m going to be talking to you about self-improvement but more specifically the topic of friendships so without further ado let’s get started alright so in this journey called life you’ll probably have known this far that you have had people come into your life that have made such an impact whether it.

Be positive or negative but somehow they’ve led you on to a better path on your journey called life I myself I have had.

So many amazing friends in my life but.

I’ve also had toxic friends and friends who are no longer in my life and recently I came across this quote and I want to read it to you it says when you’re a good person you don’t lose people people lose you and I wanted to bring this up to you today because knowing your self-worth can do a lot for you in the way of attracting.

And friendships or relationships into your life if.

You do not appreciate value and respect yourself you are not going to be able to attract people who appreciate and.

Value you so the more you can better the relationship you have with yourself I know you’re going to attract better quality of people and oftentimes when we attract more and more of our like-minded friends we tend to.

Distance ourselves from other ones and I want you to start looking at any lost friendships in your life as not a loss to you don’t victimize yourself for not.

Having a friend that you had before look back on your past and recognize that some friends are there for a season a reason and etc etc it’s part of this thing called life think about the leaves in the fall and autumn they all fall down and they all cover the ground but in spring they rebloom.

It’s kind of like friendships where you’re going to definitely lose some leaves you’re going to lose some serious leaves.

Along the way but there will always be more room and space for friendships to bloom and be open to what you are attracting a lot of you often asked me what.

Zooey like how do I make these friends how do I go out and find like my tribe and it’s all starts with you it all starts with you in a relationship with your self I finally found that I’ve attracted the best most authentic friendships in my life and that is because I chose to be my best and most authentic self to follow my dreams to move to Rome to always choose authenticity to always.

Try to better myself as a person and in turn I’ve attracted people who are very similar to me in that way they’re always striving to reach their best and highest selves so I hope this little tip that helps you guys and know that anyone lost along the way is not a loss to you it is a loss to them because if you’re on this journey of self-improvement and.

I can guarantee that you’ve already had to pick off some toxic people in your life or you have distanced yourself completely from people who you.

Know are bettering you on your journey just know that by choosing you and.

Putting your heart first on this journey called life you are only going to attract the most fulfilling.

People whether it be friendships relationships business partners it’s all coming for you and what is coming is better than what has passed have an amazing day guys and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye.