Super Seducer 2 : Advanced Seduction Tactics Documentary

His ideas are always crazy and this game is a big risk for him everything started when I met Richard when we were engaged we decided to make super seducer one I like doing things that people haven’t done before I thought it was you know big challenge mostly it was an interesting experiment we had a very small crew we.

Didn’t really have a director everyone was directing a little bit I live a.

Very quiet happy life I’m very lucky to not need to work too much I manage to outsource a lot of the business and so everything went a bit crazy with with the game coming out we kind of made it before me too and release they’re after me too weren’t anything to do with seduction it came under a lot of attention we’ve got tons of negative.

Press every day if there was another articles and it was very personal if this guy.

Is evil sexist that shouldn’t exist The.

Guardian said this is a Harvey Weinstein simulator this is creating a new generation of abusers and there was an article in interleave and.

So my dad was seeing in the biggest Italian newspaper there was a petition to ban the game it got a few thousand signatures and people were also discussing my acting or the way I look there are these girls Russian oh yes she can’t speak English she.

Probably doesn’t understand anything he says I was waking up in the morning feeling okay but then reading something and just having adrenaline the whole day from it so it was awful it was really painful because I think it’s easy for people to criticize you when they see you on screen and.

They kind of forget that you are a real person.

Or they’re somewhere I’m just the guy I just made a game and people are so angry I’m sure that if they could push a.

Button to inflict pain on me you know there are thousands of people that would be.

Happy to keep pushing it and that that’s not really a nice feeling I started doubting myself shit maybe I’ve done something bad maybe I’m evil maybe.

I’ve made something that shouldn’t exist an awful game and one day when we woke up and.

There was a video by a really big youtuber video game donkey here he was showing me bits in the game and laughing and all of the comments were like you know this game looks hilarious I need to get it is it real you know what is it and on that day we’ve got a lot of wish lists people pre-ordering the game in the end positive feedback was.

Greater than negative feedback when we were having the problems of the first game we said anyway we won’t ever do anything like it again.

Reviews from the players we had like a family meeting we decided to have a meeting to specifically discuss whether we should do it or.

Not now saying that you know the first game I couldn’t do it as well as as well.

As we could do it now we learnt so much we can do it better many times I.

Thought that it’s not worth it filming the second part because it would involve all the same stress but not to make a second one and to just give up would be like a loser Lou I wouldn’t want my last words again maker to be only a super seducer one because it wasn’t the best we can do so we decided second part and in the end we decided.