Location Of Nibiru Is Behind Neptune Planet X 2018 Will Hit Earth In Months!!!

It’s the 18th of April 2018 and apparently it’s given to the end of the world today and where you will know my timeline that I use for sort of like the liver room rotating around we’re orbiting planet X and by my accounts we we’ve we’ve kind of like Planet X past you know we did all that into like.

Earlier this year and last year obviously in the latter part of last year and we’re.

Not really expecting any kind of you know we are expecting the next kind of bout of really serious activity with Planet X and the Beru starting it around sort of late September well we split the tidal shifts to start in late August actually but the Planet X kind of like it was but it’s for this point he’s rotated and brown Planet X from the perspective of where we view it on.

Earth on 1st of March this year and so it’s been tracking ever since.

Then further towards the Sun and Alex Lujan got he got he got an amazing shot on well earlier earlier this month I see and I shot in so you can see it and.

I just like he’d like you to select really kind of check out his channel because he is showing some epic shots and he’s got a lot of lot of people sending him amazing shots at the moment so I really check out his channel because he.

You know he always says he was any of my shots and that sort of stuff but he’s he’s getting some great shots it’s got.

Something he’s got some great contributors at the moment some amazing shots from all around the world so really check out his channel cuz I’m really really impressed with this doubly showing at the moment so so this shot that he’s showing here you can see that it’s it’s very very small in this perspective.

And it’s heading as you can see straight towards the Sun and Planet X is kind of like it’s positioned where it’s just moving from.

Our perspective behind the Sun if you like from where.

We’re from our viewing support point on earth and so you’re seeing a lot lots of lots of kind of obscuring this kind of various forms of chemtrails and what-have-you to try and stop you seeing you I’m here actually the guy behind the camera.

In the moment is a lovely type love the guy from Steve Anderson who’s a nice PDM he was once the the European champion won the European Championships in surfing so anything you want to say man all right okay Mack run you idiot where are we exactly all Beach we.

Could first of all have seagull also good let gravy a popsicle like Greg the air and.

We were down here yesterday and we are watching some of the surfers do you know surfing these kind of lights beautiful tubes amazing to see so and he’s quite disappointed of the moment cause he as you might have heard they’re kind of like the Australian Championships yep they’re the world champ the tour.

Of the third round of the championship were canceled because of sharks we have so it was to kind of like I don’t have a shark attacks but they’ve definitely.

The m2 shark attacks oh they were to touch architects.

Right that’s quite interesting.

And so we were here on it’s perfect day for surfing today and we can see guys getting some tips you know towed out on the on the port on board with them with guys on what to pull them jet ski jet.