7 Best Macbook And Macbook Pro Accessories You Can Buy

Porat open brass cover skin with trackpad protector in addition to keeping your MacBooks keyboard clean you might also want to think about protecting the areas where you brush your columns as well as the trackpad and that’s exactly what for it was bomb press cover skin with trackpad protector jaws the accessory gets applied the area below your keyboard and.

Keeps the finished safe from scratch just a normal wear and tear the trackpad products were similarly covers the area and keeps it safe and since it is.

Teen and touch friendly you can use multi-touch gestures through the protector the forrester protector is designed for a variety of make.

With pro models including the 2017 make the pro with touch bar I can accept tops ten the iconic laptops then is designed to prop up your MacBook Pro while you’re using it it features an aluminum construction and has spent evasion properties the injurer copy the remains cool during heavy use the core into I connects the stem perhaps up your MacBook Pro at 16 degree angle which it.

Tastes the best first hopping and watching videos contained and just in case you’re concerned about limits to your MacBook Pro Mike Linux has.

A non-slip pads and curved tips to the device to keep your computer safe Kensington MP 15 magnetic privacy screen if you find yourself working and don’t wanna see Nick burst looking over your shoulders to see what you’re doing pick up.

The Kensington MP 15 magnetic prophecy screen the screen is a filter that you attach to your MacBook Pros display this accessory ensures that only those who are directly in front of the screen can view it according to Kensington the privacy.

Screen has a strategic reviewing angle and also you might see a little degradation in the displays color and brightness you might see a lesser degradation in the displays color and brightness Kensington has worked to reduce the side effect seek an expansion for terabyte desktop extra hard.

Drive since your MacBook might come with limited storage it’s always a good idea to get your hands on an external hard drive and.

The Seagate expansion drive is a keeper the device will give you ample additional space thanks to its poor terabyte of on-board storage at Peter’s pass file transfer with its support for super speed USB 3 C it offers the expansion drive in a variety of storage sizes ranging from two terabyte to a terabyte if you want to mix up at a terabyte you will pages one hundred and sixty dollar a pre-casters cover there’s nothing worse than looking at dirty and grimy keyboard keys and that’s why the.

Upper case goes cover premium keyboard protector is such a good buy you can attach the clear keyword.
Covers the keys and top away when the cover gets a little.

Dirty you can simply remove it and wash it according to uppercase the cover is made from TPU material to ensure it holds up to extended use best of all.

It works with both the standard MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro with touch bar launch the world saw our keyboard don’t worry but Padres the Logitech key 75010 solar keyboard just needs exposure to electors to keep it charged for at least three months the ultra slim keyboard comes with put a full keyboard and number keypad to the right the keyword connects.