How To Properly Test And Evaluate Guns, Ammo, And Accessories: Tactical Tuesday Ep 63

What is going on my ghost squad welcome to tactical Tuesday we know music tonight get a little technical issue maybe with my mixer so we’re just gonna go home and so we are as hot as ever we are streaming live as always on YouTube and simulcasting as always over at Gunn channels comm where that is a great Pro.

To a pro pro gun community that you can talk and ask questions and have lobbies and host shows and.

Videos and you think that you want to talk about as far as the gun community it’s all over on.

Gun channels comm so go check it out coming up on the five-year mark coupling the anniversary for gun channels so thanks to G webs for.

And we all love gun channels so.

Check it out if you’re watching this to replay welcome hope you liked the show if you’re.
Listening to this on podcast form.

Thank you so much for listening I hope I can give you a little bit of time to maybe get to your drive in the morning or home at 9:00 or whatever we hope that we can do something for you if you’re new to the channel and.

You’re live right now and you haven’t said hello please go ahead and say hello in the chat box we can’t see unless you say something so we are going to yeah Cal we’re coming in hot baby we’re coming in hot am i.

Crackling again good lord can y’all hear crackled mmm-hmm very much so yeah yeah I don’t know what is going on with this dang thing unplug my mic and try to plug.

It back in so you guys I’m gonna get the room with you guys introduce yourselves and all that and I’ll be right back in a second I might go ahead first Oh how’s everyone doing once again I’m from South Carolina and I’m the founder of MW.

Tactical so I’m just glad to be.

Here ready to get the night started and I want to go ahead and tell everybody that next month I’m officially getting back acting into competition shooting.

So check me out use on the Walter of course of course the q5 match that’s what it’s gonna be on so I started posting pictures of my holster and it’s a few pictures on my Instagram with my holster and the Walter but that’s.

What I’m specifically going to use for competition shooting back in you plug back in ghost better you hear me oh yes I don’t know guys we’re going to go with it and see how it goes and it could.

Be a champ of at night but we’re gonna try to make the best of it let’s say hi everybody over in the gun channel side right now we’ve got hanging out over there we’ve got G webs dt v for a gizzard Gary general relativity Einstein in the.

Pants let’s see here over on the YouTube side it’s got a hoppin crowd right now laghima clad max’s third proud there’s obviously a couple people there before.

Him all of us if he’s saying third but he’s out there warsaw patriot calaveras they’re too special what’s going on war cell says what’s your favorite long-range marksmanship rifle mines McMillan the one that Chris Kyle used my dream long range would probably be a cz 550 chambered in 338 Lapua I love that cz 550 I don’t own one yet but I will one day but I love that thing I’ve shot several times let’s.

See here seven wonders out there what’s going on seven what time’s it start it.