Budget Smartwatch Under 1500rs With Awesome Features…

Hey what’s up guys this is women here and welcome back to TR HD today I’ve got something really awesome to show y’all it’s another new budget SmartWatch rongzi blaze a lot of my subscribers were asking me to make a video on a SmartWatch in the price range of around 1,500 to 2,000 rupees and well here it is z.

Blaze has launched his new budget SmartWatch a few weeks ago and today in this video I’ll unbox and give my full review on this product this SmartWatch actually comes in two variants one is with.

Heart rate monitor and the other is without HR the only difference between both the models is the non hich are variant has.

A simple LCD display with a CR 2 4 5 0 battery whereas the hey char variant has an IPS color display with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

First everything else is saying the price difference between both of them is 800 rupees so in this video I’ll be showing.
You guys the vibe 3 hitch our variant the Z.

Play swipe 3 hitch our SmartWatch comes in this sort of box it says vibe 3 hitch ro here it’s a SmartWatch that can even track your fitness activities at the back you’ve got some info related to the product it says it’s compatible with both Android and iPhones and that’s it there’s nothing much written.

On it let’s get started with the unboxing I want to thank Z place for sending me this products for review ok on opening the box we got the vibe 3 hitch our SmartWatch at the top.

It comes in three different colors I’ve got the black color variant.

Let me just take it out of the box so here it is guys let.

Me peel all these stickers by the way the SmartWatch feels quite light in the hand weights only around 75 grams there we go.

So this is how the Z blaze y3 hitch R looks like wow it looks solid in the hand it’s got a tough and rugged design and yes it’s also waterproof the watch case has a.

Diamond-like carbon coating and has a stainless steel backplate ok we’ll come back to the watch in a moment first let’s see what else do we have in the box you get a user manual just make sure to read that for fully inform the product and a USB cable for charging the SmartWatch.

So these are all the items you got in the box now let’s check out the SmartWatch the Z play swipe 3 hitch R has a sporty design it feels tough and rugged when.

You hold it and I really like the bezel on it gives.

A premium feel to the watch as you can see the display has a flat tire designed with the Z blaze logo at the bottom it’s got four buttons on it two.
On the left and two on the right and looks like they’re.

Made of stainless steel talking about.2 – inch IPS color display with a resolution of 240 by 240 now let me show you all the buttons to the left you’ve got the power and back buttons.

Right you got up and down menu navigation buttons there’s nothing else on it and the quality of the buttons is also good coming to the backside.

This is how it looks like it’s got a stainless steel back with the heart rate monitor at.

The center and charging contacts at the top as you can see it says.

Rated water-resistant don’t worry.