Beauty Standards W/ Destiny And Delani

All right hi my name is missionary and i’m delay me right all right huh okay so first up I’m going to show you a few pictures and then I’m gonna ask you a couple questions okay okay all right so here’s all right so the first question is what are your thoughts about the images that affection well the first.

Image was african-american young lady she had we win her hair the second one was of a Barbie a white Barbie and.

Was the African American lady with a rare skin disease so she had people and pigmentation to her skin um second question which image do you feel is.

The most attractive sorry um the most attractive would probably be the third the African woman with the attention to her skin mainly because I love beauty and different things and she doesn’t look like it’s the classic American woman all right what image do you prefer least attractive and why um I think the white Barbie doll so um unattractive picture in my eyes only because that was the.

Typical beauty standard growing up and so I learned to love other things especially coming you learn about other things I think that was all right.

Question do you do anything to change how you appear before you present yourself to the world it depends I would say most of the time I have my natural hair out his homecoming season so I had a little weave it down for a minute you know protect the style it out but I’m naturally I.

Have my natural hair out I wear it in an afro curls bantu knots twist down two strands with anything you name it baby I do okay and why do you do it because I feel it’s important for your natural hair to show i I know so many African American young girls aren’t comfortable with their natural hair so I I should show it I wear proud all right last question how do you feel you judge people basically our ideas about you I.

Feel like everybody has their own opinion on what beauty is I don’t try to judge people based off what they prefer or don’t prefer however I just hope that everyone’s I’m biased to everyone stated okay and this is the last part of.

That question do you feel like judging others has caused harm yes I definitely.

Feel like the judging others has caused harm because even if you look on social media darker women are the least wanted and baby.

Were the most beautiful so what are your ideas about beauty comfort I think it comes from the home when you grow.

Up I know my dad who taught me to be very frightful and Who I am and how I carry myself so he would made me love my skin my pick both of my parents made me love my skin love being a chocolate.

Girl so I think he starts at the home no hope now you gotta close this you gotta start now.