My Closet Tour! + Organization Tips

Welcome back cutie it’s a girl cutie Karen okay it would really you won’t believe the amount of freaking laundry out how to do today but after all the hours of hanging drawing up folding and putting everything up the whole closet is complete so without further ado here is a reveal wait this is not my closet why am I.
Even trying teleport I’ll just walk to my closet as.

I was saying so we’ve made it to my closet here’s the entrance you know my wardrobe entrance in Narnia yeah nothing special just a white door you know light switch over here but that’s for my main bedroom main bedroom I only have.

One bedroom what then when we come inside oh wait this is not supposed to be here like.

That is some more crunk okay.

So this is my first-ever kalasa walk-in closet or in my life like just for reference literally like this section of my closet was my whole closet before like this is what I.

Grew up on and then I just had tons.

Of dressers where I literally just folded everything.

And put them in there but this shebang is a little different and so yeah so with this I’m basically just gonna show you the clothes that I have you know what I wear what I don’t wear what I’m selling cuz we’re gonna get to that and then basically you know how to organize your closet my closet is never organized I’m never.

Gonna organize it again but I am quite proud of this so let’s get into it okay so when you.

First walk in there’s like three sections there’s this wall there’s this wall then there’s this wall so I’m gonna start out with the bottoms.

I basically just kind of put my shoes in here I wouldn’t recommend putting your.

Shoes on the floor like I would rather have a little shoe rack I bought one from Target like a year ago for maybe 20 bucks and still at my old house so I don’t have it here yet these are my Air Force Ones I wear this.

Outfit and then a lot of you guys have asked me what shoe this is because you’ve probably seen them in my Instagram photos this is the EZ desert rats that’s what I think they’re called so yeah that one was a bit of a splurge and then these are the CDG.

Converse that my boyfriend got me such a sweetheart and then I just have these black free slides and not exactly sure where they’re from but you can find them at like the.

Mall like literally anywhere and then these are my Steve Madden clear heels that I wore to beautycon and then when you come up from that so okay okay and then so from up here I put like my dresses or any really long coats jackets I put over here and then all my tops are on this side and then on the actual top so all of these here are like denim skirts and denim shorts and because it’s.

Winter time like I’m not going to be wearing them so they’re just kind of in storage up there and yeah so I have this red faux leather skirt so it’s a little crease just because it’s been folded up in there like after you wear it would.

Like be back to normal you know yeah these are just one of the things that I’m selling so I’m gonna be selling just a ton of these clothes on my Poshmark so thanks Poshmark for sponsoring this video but for real I’ve actually used Poshmark ever since I was 13 it was a way to get rid of things and to make a.