How To Boost Your Creativity | Imagination Art Challenge Ft. Paulablox

Hey guys I’m new with my mom hi and though she hasn’t ever joined me for a video before but I did join her on her channel I put a link down in the comments and also in the descriptive if you guys want to go join her and like follow her and like that she started doing art recently how.

Many videos have you done this art um.

I think I’m on my third one yeah well she recently started doing art in stuff she’d been up plenty once a.
Week on Saturday Saturday at 1:00 so we did I hope you get one as well.

Yeah eastern time so but I am NOT as one as well but I don’t upload every Saturday I kind of like upload when I can like every three days or every four days so it moves back and forth but today we’re uploading on the exact same day again so we decided to do this together and she’ll have a hover video already.

Uploaded so if you guys will check it out the link is now down in the description in the comments and yeah it’s everywhere thanks.

Happenes you’re welcome anyway today’s video is gonna be something this special I wanted to make a video that’s all about the amino contest I have been.

Doing contest on the amino this is the second contest and there’s going to be two winners who win a free drawing for an OC video and there’s also go to be 50 winners in total that win titles and special things up on the amino so if you guys want to join the immunity on the contest all you to do is find it in the link that is down in the description in the comments as.

And you can find it on the featured page the featured page is where I’ll be featuring.

Pickles art that I like and also like your art when I can so if you do join I really appreciate it I like looking at everyone’s art up there it’s like really addicting I’m enjoying it oh it’s amazing the art up there is really great hmmm I really like it I like yeah and everybody it’s a ton of fun I like to like feature pictures up there and to see what.
Everyone’s doing and with caught this contest.

I wanted to do something different the first contest was all about colouring and the judging was pretty black and white where it was all about who did the most detailed one and I felt like that was unfair because there are stylized styles out there that aren’t what you would.
Imagine to be very detailed and then people always just.

Like say they can’t win because they’re more simple then say realism or something like that and then if they can’t win the contest I thought that was unfair so I decided for this contest is all about being creative and being a and.

Doing designs so you can win even if you just started drawing and you have an original idea that’s a good idea I thought.
That would be a lot more fun with.

You judging and so everyone it’s a chance and you don’t feel like you can’t join.

And also it’s about being a challenge as well so you guys can join even if you’re not worried about winning or if you don’t want to join the amino I’d be excited to see your posts and.

Stuff on Instagram as well though sadly only people on the amino.

Can actually join the competition and though I’m still excited to see your as post if you want to join the challenge in to see how you do the challenge works where you’re going to.