5 Best Stick Pcs Reviews 2019

Here we presents the top five best stick pcs starting of our list at number five Intel compute stick CS 325 the Intel compute stick CS 325 is the big brother of the previously reviewed CS 125 and represents a better solution if you want more performance and have a bigger budget compared to the cs 125 this one has faster.

Wi-Fi and double the storage capacity for more media content it also has a lot more to offer performance wise thanks to the better Intel m3 processor and the incorporated graphics chip that provides a great 4k home media experience with the help of Bluetooth 4.2 you can easily hook up wireless peripherals or transfer files from a smartphone connect.

And compute this is Intel’s motto when it comes to PC sticks and the CS 325 seems to fit well into that description if.

You are looking for a truly reliable space-saving solution with desktop-like abilities your safest bet would be choosing an Intel computer stick it has all the powerful technology ready to be taken anywhere as its nicely fitted in a sleek small package for more information and price check out the product.

Links in description underneath the video coming in at number four of our list Intel compute stick CS 125 Intel’s CS 125 computer stick is a good solution for those looking to maximize their productivity at home or during travels it features a good set.

Of abilities including a solid quad core Intel Atom processor suitable for more quality entertainment on your TV resembling a pack of gum in terms.

Of size the CS 125 can add a lot of convenience in your life and for a very low cost a great aspect of this computer stick is how easy it is to set it up the first step is to connect the device to a display.

Such as a big monitor or a TV using the HDMI connector combining an Intel Atom processor with 2 gigabytes RAM and 32 gigabytes onboard storage looks promising especially considering the price at this level of performance you should be able to perform basic tasks with ease it may not be ideal for intense multitasking but it allows you to bring that familiar desktop.

Go halfway of our list of number three asus vivo stick ts 10 B 0 170 the vivo stick ts 10 from asus is OPC in your hand.

That can be taken everywhere.

You go where you need desktop like computing a very capable Intel Atom processor power this computer stick which can open up a huge world of computing possibilities.

The price is also very reasonable for its features if you need an ultra compact PC stick the TS 10 should be strongly considered as an option both in terms of aesthetics and performance the ts 10 is a.

Reliable little device hooking it up to a TV is a very simple process and you can watch YouTube videos or your favorite Netflix show much more conveniently without the.

Need to carry a bulky laptop around elegantly designed with smooth lines and a shimmer finish this.

Vivo stick has a beautiful look inspired by a fountain pen to conclude this review the Asus vivo stick is an extremely reliable choice for everyone trying to save some space.

And still get a lot of work done besides the basic operation of a normal PC you also have solid entertainment functions for streaming content and playing xbox one games overall this is a recommended option considering.

The balance price for the features number two of his list as well Quantum access many PC.

As ELISA in the US Beth has become a very fast-growing PC company ever since its inception in.

2013 the segment where it manages to reach many satisfied customers is the PC sticks one their quantum access model is packed with lots of great features perfect for HD streaming and heavy.

Multitasking in the era of compact technology the Quantum access fits very well considering its small form factor you can carry this device.

And access Windows 10 anywhere you go an Intel Atom 1.

3 3 gigahertz processor coupled with 2 gigabytes of ddr3 l Ram should ensure optimal performance with 32 gigabytes of onboard memory you can store a decent amount of personal files the convenience of having a.

Mini PC such as the Azal quantum access is difficult to match it greatly expands your entertainment possibilities when using.

A TV and thanks to the compact size you won’t even notice it when it’s connected behind the display and coming in at number one of our list asus chromatic cs10 the asus chromebit cs10 is the smallest chrome OS.

Device in the world measuring only four point eight inches it’s capable of turning any large monitor or TV into a powerful computer with ease all your portable computing needs can be efficiently satisfied with the help of this little device looking at its attractive price this is definitely one of the best computer sticks.

Out there in terms of performance the CS 10 is equipped with a reliable 1.

8 gigahertz Rockchip which together with 2 gigabytes ram and 16 gigabytes of storage create a powerful package Chrome OS is very fast as.

It boots up in seconds and is capable of providing full HD graphics performance the CS 10 has networking capabilities thanks to the dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 if we take everything into account it looks like the asus chromebit CS 10 is a highly capable computer stick it can be used for many entertainment purposes though it can provide.

Business applications – all in all this is a very cost-effective solution for a portable computer that keeps things simple focusing on quality and reliable performance for more information and price check out the product links in description.

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