How I Went From Dyed Dark Brown Hair To Blonde (dying My Hair Part 4)

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel if you’re new here what’s up my name is Cameron and so this is part four of my hair so if you’re new here and have no idea what I’m talking about basically I was I’m a natural blonde okay and over the summer I was beyond beyond beyond blonde like almost.

Like I wouldn’t say bleach blonde but I was really really blonde obviously I was bored so I dyed my hair brown about four times I think of course now I want my blonde hair back so.

This has been processed three times and so I’ve gotten to a total of so I went to this is my third salon that I’ve been to so the first one was in like North Attleborough second one was in Newton and then this third one is in or right next to my hometown so not really traveling much.

For this one so I got to sleep in a bit and so also it is 9:30 6 a.

my hair appointment is at 10:00 but I wanted to vlog so I got here earlier it’s just gonna be a lot lighter because that’s just what I want and the sole reason as to why I’m like doing all this now is because well living in Boston is really expensive and so is all the.

Hair salons there so I just didn’t want to play catching up with the root game if I kept my hair brown like don’t get me wrong I loved my hair Brown I thought it made my eyes really pop but I’m just a.
Natural blonde and I want my natural hair back well.

I know I’m never gonna get my natural hair back but close enough and if I’m gonna go blonde then I might as well just go all the way so yeah so I’m just waiting outside cuz I’m a little early obviously and yeah I’m just getting balayage and basically what I’m going to tell her is that just to leave my root color because this color was painted on because the first two times this was processed I got highlights and I don’t like the look of highlights I hate.

The look of highlights um I mean unless you can pull them off and good for you but I just don’t like them on.

Me I don’t like the look of like stripey tiger stripes hair I like it very even and so my last hairstylist just painted on a new root color to fix that up so yeah I’m just getting balayage lighting.

All this up and get rid of all the remaining Brown.

In my hair so yeah let’s go it they just shouldn’t run but okay so clearly it’s been a little while and.

Obviously my hair is a lot lighter so this is what I got done I absolutely love it it is so much more even and just light exactly how I want it so basically now the rest of this video is gonna be how I went from dyed very dark brown hair to this light hair color now just a warning this is a very very.

Expensive long process you need to have patience for it because it just you can’t do it overnight and a lot of people are like if Kim Kardashian can do it then I can do it but the thing is in Los Angeles you’re able to purchase illegally like so my girl use ten volume.

Online for bleach I believe I don’t know anything about here by the way I’m getting everything that I know that I’m saying right now from my hairstylist and California they’re able to illegally purchase like forty five that’s how they’re able to get so light so I’m gonna insert pictures of what I.