Procrastinating The Diamond Grind – Poggers

Welcome to select away you go to my career profile and the soldier all modes Reinhardt with 65 double hits candid double hits kind of it so much damn it dude and then I fucking tanked with tours see how that guy goes no I pick some dude no all right six dozen picking Widow merci merci could die cuz she’s.

Trash Blair here abilities kid oh fuck are you doing there first it was like just like floating around like didn’t know about this going on no it’s not hot.

At all but they’re all weak on the right should have healed there though definitely should have use the junk is probably gonna kill us I think I’m here with you he’s one everybody turn onto Moyer him me both I got you let’s get that job no I got hooks out my ulti fuck I’m lagging Mercy’s really weak what they want somebody.

Join me please here would be thank you sir I appreciate.

You and everything you stand for we got this get that motherfucker he’s so weak oh my god Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Ricky’s want mercy Swan there.

You go thank you oh my god yeah waters way go I can’t even damage the body the master hooker they’re all watch out they got a bastion top left yeah he is he is he is yes let’s go so I’ll bother you yeah yeah yeah their junk on the.

Jump on the left don’t Allah Winston swapping oh I don’t have heels right now I feel down here oh my god I’m a fucking legend oh.

My god also don’t be don’t be don’t be don’t be more Gold’s for Gold’s baby all shit kill me he failed you tried to kill me – failed okay go in go in I have coalescence on point help me out one point please I’ll heal you up gotta get that back to that fashion really have that bathroom.

You’re welcome you gotta you got my Papi’s walkie once it’s all got your back is all this is on your back I need I need to be able to get my heel juice 101-101 back and all thing behind you guys oh my god.

Fact resulting still behind us oh my god she’s so scary lazy of here huge huge guys three golds and Silver’s holy shit I do five golds yeah three golds I’ve seen soldiers 17 he loves one death 7,000 healing 1417 yeah really yeah I swear to God for objective for 417 now I could.

Send you a fucking screenshot no no I got 16 regular limbs yeah I was like wait a minute I think your baby oh this party together how do I looming gold exec for Chile and we haven’t even touched the objective that line goes through your field light heart but get that Ryan get the target that mercy there mercy he said uh Ryan dude if you can tell it better I’m a brawler oh my god oh my god this runner his shadow come.

Back a guy stole essence got you the bitch fucking suck let’s fight on point merci Roper versatile legendary dude like even a granola.

Bar sorry a good old ax bar that I’m trying to get for three games please fucking story heavy rides behind Evan Reaper on three brother area I do most of this chase says range just grab this and chase this ok Reaper has his old if he didn’t use it he’s got it get 76 under they retarded oh nice I got pin from outer space and let’s.

No you haven’t grouped up yet everyone’s gone out with their mania without their main healer the capitalizing on our good but I’m right here more is right here look at me pinky Lee yeah yeah.