Taurus October 2018 Tarot Reading Money-career-finance Focus

Well for this time got your you make my hat this house inside deadpan love take hello Taurus this is inspired 2016 with your monthly reading for a month or October 2018 focusing on your career and work life so have that you have a good month so far for the one of September so let’s see what this is all.

For you for next month so the first card for you.

Representing the present positions or towards the beginning of the month you have the nine of heart so this car actually really good card for you for the beginning.

Of the month it looks like that you get what you want in term of your career life or in term of your finances or money in general.

It looks like that possibly some of you might get a windfall or it can also be some of you my Atlantic dream jobs in some way the things that you really want possibly for quite some time and it can be something that are very encouraging for you like the beginning of the money you will feel like a lot.

Of energies as well as excitements in your plot and there can be something that you possibly don’t have it don’t even feel it for quite a while and you might be also like missing those things before so it’s quite a positive way of beginning of starting the month actually so try to be also open to any changes possibly if you have to move or even if you have to relocate or even meet new people.

That can be something that you possibly have to be opened in this case so the necessary to be presenting the influencer culture to bridge cards or the middle of the month you have the five off.

Club so this could actually not really negative in some way.

But there are some kind of instability in your career life possibly it was the middle of the man you may have – like for instance if you get a job for instance the things that you really want possibly you may have to quit your job your current employment for instance it can be also quite challenging so possibly towards the middle of the money you may have.

To tell your supervisors or your managers that you are getting a job that you really want or the thing that you really want to do for the next few years and it can be something that you want to address that to your manager that you may have to leave your current situation or current.

Positions and it can be something that you have to do there can be something that is really challenging or can also be something that are possible you don’t have those ideas how to explain.

It to your peers or your manager that you have to leave and be opened.

As well like be honest and tell them what it.

Is you want and X hoping that you have to be also respect to them because you may have a lot of opposition’s in your career life in this case if you have to explain that that you have to like leave your positions so the next is you will have representing the past positions of his pride.
You have the King of Diamonds so this king of diamond can.

Indicate you or another earth signs a male in this.

Case can be the age of 35 or.

40 so this clean can be your previous employer or can also be the employer that are like thinking of hiring you they can be like I would.

Say the decisions here can be made beforehand so like actually you already know that you will get the job possibly in the past can be also August can also be a September.

But that can be like just only about a starting date it can be something that is challenging you may have already noticed for quite some time but you may not have the like they dig up feelings to tell your boss that you already get new roles in different companies and actually did something.

That you really have to deal with within the next few weeks or so or can also be towards the middle of the month of October so it may vary depending on your situations here but for some of you can be indicating here strongly that you have to do it so the next night you have representing the things that you learn from the past you have the check of heart.

So there can be something that is related to this offer actually for some of you who are not getting any offer or whatsoever.

The case may be this car can be indicating that you have like connections with younger people around you can be your your spouse your child or your nephews or things like that.

You learn something from them with regards.

To your career life so it can be something that are simple as like how to explain your situations to you your managers or how to get the sympathy of the people around you and it can be something that.

Is maybe quite hard to do if you are not really like if.

You are really practical in the way you say things you don’t include any emotions and it can be also challenging for some people to include the emotional sense into the conversation that you have with your manager or your your peers or the people that you respect so the next time you.

That you need to let go you have the aid of Spain so you are feeling.

Know what to do or possibly you don’t even know what you should do maybe because of.

The deadlines that are approaching like you have.

To start your new jobs but didn’t you have to leave the company and it can be something that is also very challenging but you don’t have the gut feeling to say to your manager that you have to leave or possibly like the condition in your company really need your skills and they need your help in this case you just cannot leave and that can be happening sometimes but you don’t have to be like the savior in your company if you have your own choice in this case to just leave and.

Get a better position so possibly with better payment as well so just be open-minded and say what it is you have to say and hoping that they will accept that you still get a good relation with your employer so the next general presenting the future cart or to the.

End of the month you have the three of diamonds so this three of diamonds actually.

Quite similar to the previous card but you is more into a sense of developments in some way what I what I.

Feel is like you know the the five to the tree is something that is quite and quite okay I will save you still on the odd sense of numbers but it looks like that you have.

A lot of support around you like things that you may feel like stock you don’t know that they might not receive it well they might oppose your your your decisions they actually help you so they are not really opposing in some way like in a judgemental kind of way but they still wanting to help you to to find success like to get.

What you want so if it is something that you really want to leave the company and then find those that the new positions and work for the camp for a new company and it can be something that you want and they will help you.

To achieve that goal as long as I think you as long as you open to any possibilities or even open to any response that you have.

Something that you possibly have to do I think the sooner the better because I think Pluto will will go.we cost IREX by the end of this.

Month so they can be also quite a good time for saying it to your managers so the last context you have representing the clarifying car at bottom of the deck you have the ace of spade so yeah there is a new things that are appearing in your work life it looks like that possible because Uranus is in your sign that can be something that this can be the.

Beginning of your wild journey in some way because you may have got like something that is really unusual it can be something that it was really good that you really want but it never happened to you before like you like something that is plan and everything that is predictable this is not predictable.

This is something that is new that is something that you don’t even expect and it can.

Be something that is exciting as well so be prepared for any changes in your life especially some of your career life it looks like that there is something new that you have to to start so the sooner the better because something that is like delay or because of you don’t have the gut to say to your boss like will hinder you it’s something that is not really good for.

You in general and also the people around.

You as well because they may have to like to be in the in the hanging stage they do know how to solve your problem you don’t know how to help you but.

They also have to be impacted with.

Your let’s say your your decision to leave so just be open and say what it is that you have to say.

And hopefully they will accept what you want and.

Find a common ground I hope that this reading is helpful I think everything is okay I would say it’s quite interesting reading but you have to be like.

Practical and positive about it and also open about it as well so overall it’s quite good so.

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