Woodland Scenics Rustic Water Towers Ho, N & O

Hey everybody i’m joe from factory direct trains we just got a water tower in from woodland Scenic’s these are the rustic water towers we’ve got them in oasc al h o and n scale and now we’re gonna take a better look here you can see the fine detail on this water tower it’s got the elevated water tank the.

Cables and trusses they all come with a pump house an extra building these are just beautiful they also have the warning beacon light on top and they plug in with the just plug and play system so it’s really simple to hook up.

And with the graffiti and all the details these will certainly stand out so as you can tell these are going to be a beautiful addition to any layout they’re loaded with detail and I wanted to mention that they all hook up with woodland Scenic’s just plug in play system there’s no soldering no wiring you just plug it in to.

One of their hub sets and I also wanted to mention that you can use their vehicles they plug into the system as.
Well we’ll see the headlights on.

And if you want to hook up just regular lights to the same hub you’re just taking a simple light plug it in and there you go you’ve got light any building you want I know you won’t be able to see this that well but there you go so how about that the woodland Scenic’s just plug and play system is great buildings cars vehicles water towers you name it take a look at our videos like and subscribe and the links are all down below to buy all this.

Wonderful products y’all have a good day and thank you for your business.