Gopro Hero 4 Black : Head Strap Footage

Oh I’m feminist when with gopro hero4 black action camera this is the first time I have ever used one of my headbands and I’ve had a headband provide I don’t know a year and a half so I’m gonna walk outside and see what I can get what kind of footage shall we go I think we shall come on.

People let’s do this I’m just interesting how how the footage will look on a headband keep the head pretty straight don’t turn it so much okay man Paula can get good footage out of it I’m looking at it.

On my cell phone all right people I’m using my headband what kind of footage can I get and so like this because you know actually hold it with your hands this might be pretty good oh yeah only rats won’t between these bushes right here looking down on this company right.

Here all right let’s go back where we come from says walking with when he’s bushes right there see the pose just come back work go back where I come from I’m gonna learn it to some weeds so I hope I don’t get breakdown this camera to gopro hero4 black keep in mind it does not have digital digital stabilization this camera has no stabilization so that’s why I.

Figured using a headband might get pretty good footage it’s not exactly head you can see hung up well you saw it in the mirror when I started this video so I think I’m gonna go back get my car keys marked down and check the mailbox y’all want to go with me why.
Has got anything better to do.

I think I stopped it and started over here’s another video and get my car keys did I take them back in the house let me look over there another.

Seat by looking at my cell phone it looks like you can get pretty good footage I found them right here in the seat save my car key looks like you can get pretty good footage using a headband.

Just walk down to the mailbox.