Build A Bear Promise Pets Bears Accessories Haul

You had it build-a-bears you heard promised pets bring the combo together you got these guys so basically today I’m going to be doing a review but he couldn’t cats and dogs pets I’ve got my build a Bernese Mountain Dog he goes by the name on what was it’s quite a complicated name so remember thickest cause cosmos cosmos cosmos.

I’ll remember to write this is ginger nuts my perfect little cats see yeah let’s take a closer look she’s good yeah she’s got these nice detailed eyes and velvety.
Pink nose with whiskers and yeah and then and then.

You’ve got the poor with the build-a-bear on and they got and then Oh finally YouTube only these people YouTube could just sniff it right here cuz she smells of I think it’s like biscuits with sprinkles or like donuts or something they kiss promise and you know this is my Bernese Mountain Dog I remember I named her after the Roman god of sleep because so first oh and yes she smells like popcorn but personally I think try this smells like burnt.

Popcorn or candles on her and she makes noise whereas doesn’t she makes her way this pink Bowl which is calmness yes calmness calmness oh I dress on my packs which was the rhyme got a piece so I did really.

Like history and I like re to say you’ve got some yummy dog food it’s like different flavors and stuff and then flip it for when you’re little has some thirst so be quenched or is it some things you’re not my boy you’ve got.
The same food except this is it’s good these details on it.

Should I like Bo green this one’s I just got like a box it comes out and then you’ve also got that’s from my poor sport which build also do.

Ball it’s really furry and then like you can throw it for your barrel my pretend it’s gonna get it and then also you’ve.

Got this velcro on it whereas in a second a new stain your back attaches to the tongue here I have got some other comes pet pig yellow and a bird older and got them with me yes I’ve got this which is a really nice dress which has velcro no sir no handle these aren’t the ones that you get from build bad that these are just.

Ones that I have them like I go from these cells so it’s not here oh we’ve got some treats pants pants treats and then on the back it’s more taking this.

Says training tread list sit stay lay down roll over.

Fact shake from this pet dogs can hold treats.

In the mouth that is true so let me you can admire the food by right we’re right there so inside this bag features a blue bone with sprinkles.

Velcro on the back hey like not a bone with not something sorry that’s just on the back you’ve got this poor biscuit with sprinkles sweet vanilla icing.

Probably I mean this is probably either blue raspberry icing or blueberry icing or it’s just food color you know as I said each and every build bear.

Is able to hold it in their mouths yes I have 21 build bears in total not yes which is your own stuffing station that one I mean you’ve got this hoodie right here and has a blue mohawk.

Thing and it’s just like anything you can slip yeah of course you can’t forget this this is my brush that I got previous build yeah.

And this is really good too brush brush brush I’m didn’t does actually go easy markings in there and I think it makes you it does actually let me work my magic have a good day why.

Yeah my favorite hat right there my lucky hats as I liked although her like ten hats all of.

My hats or not they stick it back on myself bye have a nice evening day morning whatever time days yeah bye until the next video.