Startech 3in1 Accessory Kit For Microsoft Surface! Review

It’s a lifesaver I’ll stick around what if art more so static sent this over this a little accessory well this is one of them anyway and the good finger BAE it’s got USB free set up to five cubits for second al read and write speeds back and forth and it’s let’s talk about when it looks like it’s built.

Finger magnet as you can see easy to clean it’s got a start tech logo on.

The front there low rubber feet to stop it from sliding off the desk but once you’ve connected this for.

Us be free to say yourself is pro or a Mac or something like that he actually gives you back the USB free that you lost from the actual device in the first place.

But also gives you a land gigabit port as well so that means that you’ve got USB free back and you get gathered or you gained another port which is for the internet so if you.

Or you prefer a LAN port you’ve got that and that is a simple what it is there’s up to five gigabits per second it’s USB.

Free it’s got a cable that’s about 15 centimeters long which is long enough to just put to a tablet or hybrid surface pro or something like that this I’ve been using it for a while I think that probably about two weeks this is a lifesaver cuz I got a gigabyte bricks and I needed to test for a mini DisplayPort that’s her MDP it stands for and I only had HTMI which is full-size or VGA or a DV is up and I didn’t actually have what’s it called M a mini DisplayPort but well I checked in.

My studio I know it starts it is simply one and I was blown away because I needed one so for testing the gig bought bricks so what happens with.

A gigabyte bricks because this is what this sort of thing will be useful so it’s definitely worth listening to is that the fact is that if you buy KY bricks a manufacturer could of.

Set the settings fruit of BIOS and if you don’t know what boss is you gonna have a real problem.

But they can set a BIOS and set the settings so for mini displayport rather than HDMI so that means that you’ll get.

A HDMI which you have laying around the house probably clicked up and he won’t get any screen but the whole computer will be powered on so you actually need something like this so you can.

Convert it from mini DisplayPort VJ or you can connect it to HDMI so this is a very good little bit of technology to having a very good accessory to have and it works really well it’s 50 centimeters quite strong cable.

And a bit of finger magnet wipe off no rubber feet at the bottom so this is just a device as handy to have around there’s nothing more really to say I buy it so that’s it in the review links in the description because you’re.

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