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Grab your Bibles open to the Book of Isaiah chapter 35 if you would we’re gonna look at there are certain chapters that I like to read I like to go through the Bible book by book a section by section like the Gospels maybe the epistles the books of law whatever and I like to that’s how I’d like to.

Go through the scriptures and but I also have portions that I just turned to randomly that I call recreational.

Reading and Isaiah 35 is one of my recreational chapters it’s been very meaningful to me for quite a few years back goodness gone away back into Weaverville day so we’ve been.

Here 22 years and was probably 35 years ago at least that I first stumbled on this chapter for what it’s worth something I saw clearer this morning that I’ve seen ever before was the relationship of hope to joy I I didn’t realize I don’t know.

Why I didn’t cross my mind but I didn’t realize that joy is actually connected to hope and that where you if I hope find hopelessness you find no joy and where you find great hope you find great joy I think it’s it may.

Be possible I need to think through this but I think it may be possible in some ways to measure a person’s hope by.

Measuring their joy when you understand what the word hope means it helps it helps for that to make sense in present culture hope for us is like a wish I hope that happens it’s like and I wish this would take.

Place it’s it’s kind of at this shot in the dark but biblical is completely different than that.
It couldn’t be more different than that it then you can imagine.

It the word hope in the Bible is the joyful anticipation of good joyful anticipation of good that’s actually what the word means so it’s joy before you get what you were praying for it’s like it’s the anticipation of good that is.

Equal in the measure of joy as to how you feel after you get the breakthrough in another month or so we’ll have a world series I love baseball.

Baseball has always been my our family sport and there will be a winner of the World Series and they will there will be people in the locker room testifying that they are.

Thankful to God for giving them their gift their opportunity and I love seeing that because that’s you know if you can’t.
Give God thanks in the good times you’re you’re a mess you need.

Help maybe deliverance I don’t know I’m always thankful to see those reports but that kind of joy is not that hard to stir up because it’s in response to something wonderful happening to you maybe something you work for maybe it’s just a.
Blessing of out of nothing I remember years.

Ago my my wife’s parents were went into a particular grocery store here locally I think there were the hundred thousandth customer and as they walked through the doors the bells rang and they were given a brand-new Toyota Camry and so it’s not it’s not hard to rejoice when you’ve just won a brand new car you know you didn’t do anything you just happen to go shopping and you won the car you rejoice of course but the biblical word.

Of hope is actually measured in a joy that is expressed before there’s anything to rejoice for and it’s not it’s not wishful thinking it’s not like it’s not it’s not based on nothing it’s based on the actual nature and character of God it’s based.