Kayak Camping: Day Float To Base Camp

This weekend is the Iowa paddlers Armada 2018 Fall River adventure and once again we’re gonna have you come along and show you some tips along the way hey everybody welcome to float fish adventure I’m Vinny I’m here to help you make your floating and fishing adventures more successful this adventure I think is gonna be of special interest to.

Everybody out there who maybe is interested in doing some kayak.

Camping but hasn’t done it yet looking to get their feet wet sort of metaphorically we got a great opportunity to to demonstrate a good.

Way to break into it if you will okay so quick clarification one of our normal floats we will camp on a sandbar so we will meet up and make camp it’s someplace close to the put in on the river on Friday night Saturday morning we’ll get up we’ll shuttle the vehicle the the kayaks to the takeout ramp leave a vehicle and then shuttle the kayaks back up to the put in we’ll put in float the river about half way pick a sandbar make camp for the night at.

The sandbar the next morning and get up we’ll pack everything up we’ll float.

The rest of the river down to the takeout before will shuttle the kayaks back up to the top end everybody will load up and go home this float we have camp by the takeout this is where we’re meeting today Friday night tomorrow morning will shuttle the kayaks all the way upstream to the put in we’ll put in and we’ll float the entire stretch down back into the camp that we already have.

Set up the next morning we’ll get up and then shuttle the kayaks back up to the top to the vehicles that are left up there everybody will load.

Up with their own kayak and we’ll head out so this type of float can be excellent for a number of reasons first off like I said it’s a great way to you know start off and do some trial runs and get your head and all your gear wrapped around you.
Know the floating on the river ain’t camping on.

The river but it also has some great opportunities.

For even more experienced paddlers for.

Example like if the river swollen or you don’t have public access it gives you an opportunity a way to float a stretch river that you might not otherwise get a float or even just to.

Stay at a campground that might have some sweet feature that you wouldn’t normally otherwise ever have an opportunity to stay at like say for example a friggin yurt this is it this is where we’re.

Staying over the weekend this thing is awesome let’s take a look at this so we have this thing for two we have this thing for the weekend for Friday night and we’ll be staying in it again obviously.

Tomorrow night after we get back from the flow so this is home sweet home for a couple of days we got bunks this thing is so pimped out we got bunks we got a table in the middle we got a kitchen area I mean it’s a giant tent we got we got a refrigerator a vacuum then I’m guarantee you we’re not gonna use this skylight that’s awesome in the mood the skylight in the mood we’re gonna get on with the evening festivities here yeah there’s no denying that we’re.

Being spoiled on this trip well this just might be the cushion launch ever shuttling was super.

Straightforward we got to not only cook breakfast on an actual stove but we even had a toilet that flushed it doesn’t get any better than that breezy its breezy but we still lucked out with the weather it was supposed to be.

A whole lot worse so the shuttle was cake this launch this launch is pretty gravy right here as far as kayak launches go we do have our first our first of what we expect to be many rockledge obstacles immediately after the put in so we’ve got some negotiating at least the water is up a little it’s gonna benefit us.

Today I think this Rockledge I think I like this line on the left trying to get myself right where I want to be on it though there we go yeah left was the line the all right I don’t know what’s going on.

With my other camera that was a really really pretty pretty flow so we have our vehicles here waiting for us we’re only just up the road from camp so we’re gonna go ahead and load everything up and get back to camp and then me there and we’ll go over some good options if you want to.

Do a day flow base camp day float like this as a trial run for some more primitive you know legit sort of pack in camping so uh we’re gonna get to it and we’ll see you there no I’m not packing camp.

But that’s not what I want to focus on what I do want to focus on.

Is how you can use a trip like this to prepare little and train for a full rêveur adventure so there are things that really sort of trip people.

Up and take them awhile to get right when they.

Do the overnight camping trips on the river from their kayak the first thing is what to pack how to make sure you have what you need and.

Don’t bring what you don’t we’ve been doing this a while and we just made our way back to camp and we were pretty soft we just chilled by the fire made.

A bunch of food we were car camping we you know indulged in the luxury of that cabin and having all our gear brought with us you know that.

We wouldn’t normally have so we took advantage of it but if you want it if you want to.

Then what you want to do is.

Bring all your stuff because your car camping right but then pack everything that you expect to have you expect to bring in just an overnight kayak float pack so.

And keep that pack separate and then at the end of the flow once.

You get back to camp only rely on the things that are in that.

Pack and then start making a list every time you have to go get into your car camping pack to get something to use something because you don’t have it and you need it or you want it add that to the list of.

Things that you need to add to kayak pack and that’s not just at the end of the night but also for the next morning as well because you’ll be on the river still.

The next morning then at the.

End of the trip add those things you’ve made notes about to your pack and then take a look at what you had in.

Your pack that you didn’t really need and assess if you can just shuffle it out of your pack so you can keep things.

You know to a manageable size so excellent way to dial.

In your pack when it’s not really going to be a problem if you’re not getting it right hey I hope you enjoyed coming along.