Aura (official Video) – Rissa Vibes || Black Girl Magic Anthem

Hey guys happy transformation Tuesday wrist vibes aka readings by risky here so excited to connect with you as always today I want to talk to you about how to clear negative energy or any kind of good good yeah so where we going tonight um I’m out with friends oh good at awesome look like you’re going out a little.

Party on tonight awesome awesome so you got any other plans they’re just kind of just.

Okay what are you listening to just this video no not really that kind of video it’s more like well I’m like rap music I got I got a couple guys they’re trying to rappers you know just checking everything out like just trying to pop up coming through kind of everything pretty sure.

This is my stuff oh right here yeah are you sure it’s okay you can just pull it over all right right here right right here is perfect I know you really don’t put me I can see what the office at and it’s really striking me is you haven’t smoked in your truth.

Yet I am an official fire with this bad girl magic you know what I’m really trying to fight and I got Oh Oh – right I’m really trying to fight you oh sorry my bad didn’t mean to wake up years you we just got to you stuff right now I don’t.

Even remember falling asleep yeah you passed out a little bit I just kind of kept talking the ear off my dad about that by the way I tend to have that like motormouth do you like help out or anything thank you yep that’s a five star right there mmm-hmm there we go its focus now all right action roll it we’re gonna have a deal again and drove it all right sand.