Charice Pempengco – Bodyguard Medley | David Foster | Manila, Philippines | Reaction

Come on Sakai oh hello and welcome back Simon be a co Alan Panico eye-opener I’m angel and we are reacting husband while man – Charisse Charice Pempengco aka Jake Cyrus the bodyguard medley so Whitney Houston and with David Foster in Manila Philippines Philippines Philippines oh man she is good so I’m excited do this you know just drop in.

Things like this silence throwing bombs on in the body car reminding everyone that I did from the bodyguard mmm look at the actress love it Wow uh-huh give it Wow mm skill skills Wow did you see how easily.

Comes out mmm you know she is effortlessly singing it and acting at the same times if she was an actress I mean she she used to me when she was in the TV show right don’t remember dude you sure the American TV show claw well that was an appearance still no I can understand why Filipinos are kind.

Of sad you know that she was so promising you know she had pierced in the states as well so I mean it it was one of the greatest voices to come.

Out of this that’s for sure I’m not sure where Jake is right now in his career I haven’t heard from about him or his vocals or seen a performance in so long yeah you know.

Transitioning is hard so maybe it’s health reasons or career decisions to just change careers I don’t know oh yeah it’s such a pleasure to hear his former life performances.

Yeah this is amazing yeah just throwing that out a lot of gesturing love it love it oh just being beam being I love it he knows it by heart tell lungs although that address is.

Complicated are those like purses stitched to the hips it’s weird Wow here we go hmm yeah oh man I’m going to do it Wow Wow Wow this that explosion damn ah she’s showing off oh sheesh Oh No Wow I mean the talents standing up deservedly so.

Deservedly yeah hmm hey speech less I am speechless I am just speechless just comes out so easily like it’s so easy for her that she can spare the time to show off and change the song just the way she wanted yeah just like whatever.
Make it her own just yeah it’s just is what it is it’s insane.

Honestly we’ve heard Jake Cyrus this stuff is gone man honestly he’s gone Wow Wow so easy and you just see.

It in her face like she is a student of the game you know like she knows these songs by heart that’s why she can change them so easily life is life yeah yeah yeah Wow oh the tree this was really a tree that’s why we.

Have demotius you know we’ve got a lot of amazing great talents out there so yeah you know Jake Cyrus is doing his thing we got accepted that’s it like we have a choice no I’m just saying no actually we have to encourage Jake Cyrus yeah you.

Know maybe with time and more practice you might be able to regain his power it’s like a pal it was like a power like a curse it.

Power it’s like why cursed because it’s like he was born in the wrong body but given exceptional skills and now it’s like you have to make this like choice.

Life changing life altering yes I would I can’t even imagine having to make it’s like two um especially mom who you feel like.

You really are actually the answer is like you know if you go through this it’s gonna have tremendous impact on your morphology your physiology your vocal cords everything everything goes through a whole team on that.
Testosterone okay so yeah it’s uh it must not have been.

An easy choice but I hope that he’s really happy being who he is now yeah I mean I don’t know I really hope so music is a big part of life but it’s not just.

It’s not everything yes of course I mean and you can enjoy music without singing it so make me music is huge part of my life you know.
I listen to it talk about it and everything and I’m very very happy.

Yeah mental health is the most important absolutely he’s healthy and you know happy in his skin that’s all that matters Jake actually Jake should the mentor definitely oh yeah mmm-hmm cuz you know what it takes to be great Oh clearly.

So definitely good idea thanks for.

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