Reason Behind Extinction Of Dinosaurs | Unknown Facts About Dinosaurs | 123 Telugu Facts

What is reason behind Dinosaur’s extent & what is relation of Indianto it? We heard many things about Dinosaurs.

We have seen in movies like Jurassic Park.

They are extent now,but before they used to move on Earth freely.

They lived very freely on this Earth.

The Dinosaurs who lead there life on Earth for 1000’s of years.

How did they get extent at once? That was unanswered question for Scientists.
Scientists did researches on it. They started to find the reason behind there extension. As part of this research they found.

That there may some explosion happened on this Earth. So Scientists thought that because of it Dinosaurs got extint.

Stories which are famous about Dinosaurs extinction. 2: An Asteroid or Star have fall on earth,so many scientists believe that due to this Dinosaurs got extint. Some Scientists before Shankar Chatarjee. They brought some some Big Hole into Lime Light. This big hole is in Yucat√°n,Mexico. By measuring that hole scientists proved that,that asteroid don’t have such power to destroy whole life on. It was proved that Dinosaurs didn’t get extint due to Asteroid. So after that there was a great argument that Dinosaurs got extint due to Volcano eruption. As Shiv Sankar Chatarjee found another big.

Hole of Asteroid so that thing came into Lime Light Again. This is biggest hole created by Asteroid on Earth.

That there is link between Dinosaurs extinction & this hole. Presently Scientists belief is that there is close relation between India & Dinosaurs extinction. Because Of volcano eruption there , Dinosaurs got extint.

Proof they are showing the Skeleton of Dinosaur which was found in Jabalpur. When they did diggings in Jabalpur remote village,they found some part of Dinosaur body which.

Was struck in water reserve. Some Scientists expressed there views that both Volcano eruption & Asteroids are reason for Dinosaurs extinction. Keeping those arguments a side,but still till now we have many un-answered questions.

Are well developed Physically. It we compare so birds & animals with Dinosaurs who lived at that time were very weak than Dinosaurs. It Asteroid hits Or Volcano gets Erupted. Some great changes in Temperature will happen. Poisonous gases will be released into Atmosphere. For this changes only Dinosaurs got extint. But how did reaming Animals escape from it,was really an un-answered question till now. We will get back to you with more such videos. Subscribe , Click Bell Icon , Like, Share.