Alfred Shares Scary Dogman Stories, The Dogman Den

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And tonight I think it would be talking about the Dogman encounters that I’ve had experience so to get the book started I guess.

I’ll start with the very first one I had it was I want to say it was September I think it was.

September 2016 I get up real early in the morning I’m a commuter I live like an hour a half away from work and so I’m off like 4 o’clock in the morning to put dirty and I’m on the Parkway by 5:00 and I’m.

Getting on the Parkway and I’m cruising to getting on the Parkway and there’s no one on the far away but me at that time especially this far north once you get to the city get.

More traffic but I’m driving on the Parkway and I see four golf ball-sized orange eyeballs coming out of the wood line off the Parkway and I’m like what the hell is that and I’m looking at these things and they’re they look like you’re at least seven feet tall from where I’m sitting in my Jeep on the Parkway so.

Get a better look like I said I’m the only person on the Parkway I pull over into the emergency lane to.

Get a better look and I roll down the windows on a jeep because the wind it’s tinted and I’m looking at these things and I’m judging them by where their heads are underneath the trees where the tree line is cut and they’re.

In a meadow off to my right of my Parkway Austin Parkway and they’re coming out and they look like they’re walking by Italy and I’m thinking.

You know must be like sasquatches or something coming out of the woods and I don’t you know and I know these area pretty good behind the woods that they’re coming out of I didn’t take the air there was that much woods back there because there’s a middle school back there Town Hall is back there so really think could think didn’t think.

It was that much woods back there so anyway as these things are walking out I can see their heads are like going up and.

Down up and down like a dog’s head we go on the dog walks so I’m gonna connect these things that I’m trying to figure out what the hell I’m looking at and all of a sudden they both stop and they they look at me now they’re looking directly at me and it’s almost like.

I’m being hypnotized by these things and then they.

Start running towards me now I know this area off the side of the park where this meadow there’s a lot of deers that tried that are up there in the morning and grazing and stuff like that and also nice things are starting to run at.

Me and they’re running but they’re running on bipedally and the heads are bouncing up and down you know it’s like a dog’s head will do when the dog walks and I’m thinking holy crap these things are coming after me so I’m thinking maybe I should close the window and get the hell out of here and just as I’m closing the window they drop down to all fours and they stop running and all of a sudden it’s like they picked up a deer scent or.
A scent trail or something and their heads go down like a.

Who’s at a German Shepherd and when he got on the scent trail he was locked in and that’s what these things were like they were locked in and they start running north up the Parkway and they must like I said they must have quintessential a.

Depth when I just punched the Jeep out and I left and.

I really didn’t tell anybody about it except for one of the guys on my team my tech that Brian and I pulled Brian and I said dude you’re not gonna believe what I seen this one it was absolutely out of this world you know so he says oh.

You know you gotta go back and get a check it out and I said yeah you know I’ll go back then but I didn’t go back that night when I got home that.

Way home I looked across the park with this it’s wide open you know and I could see that I knew thunder park where there was an old.

4×4 like an old Ford Bronco or something like that from the 90s or stopped at our early 2000 that’s hittin on the grass and I didn’t think much of it this I figured.

You know maybe you know maybe haha both seasons I don’t really know when both he’s a sorceress I’m not a hunter but I know there’s all these cars parked on the side of a properly going bow season and these guys go in the woods and hunt so I’m thinking it’s just a bow hunter next morning again on the Parkway can I go and I’m coming.

Coming to work and that truck is still there and I’m thinking wow this truck this has been here.

All night and I slowed down to get a good look at its plate and I notice on the plate it said Dec which is the department of environmental environmental conservation officer so.

I’m taking over the Department of Environmental Conservation it’s here but I’m not seeing anybody go to the truck I’m not seeing anybody leave the truck I.