Ley Hunting In Staffordshire And Shugborough Mysteries

Or some major senator what that some of you went there yesterday yeah okay war was an ancient center before Roman time to do it acceptor and after a great massacre which is recorded in many histories including well histories they talked about and that actually itself desecrated that site so they moved the holy Santa sir placed nearby which is.

Near water surrounded by water which presently 2,000 years ago the Romans built a city at wall called letter Seton a name derived from its earlier Celtic name of car fluid code or car LeWitt court meaning camp in the grey woods gray possibly referring to the color of the lichens that once covered this area.

The two major routes of Watling Street and it yield Street converged here on a high ridge overlooking these old foundations is a small Victorian church dedicated to st.
John the church stands on a pagan site once.

Occupied by a pre Roman temple dedicated to the gods Ernest often depicted cross-legged with an antler headdress Sonos is the Horned God of nature invoked by the Druids to integrate man with his natural environment as a.
Also stood on this site later transformed into.

A Christian monastic center here the female current sweeps through the building.
At a slight angle through the only stained-glass window depicting a female.

Saint this is the cycle shrine of the goddess Brigid our luxury of itself has become the spiritual center of the Saxons of Murcia and we know the Murcia Saxons were the most powerful suction Kingdom at one time between 6th 7th 8th century on Tabatha’s a royal capital and Litchfield was their religious centre so Tamworth and Litchfield lovest.

Molarity DuPont was only sort of power place and the kings of Mercy were the most powerful and in the whole country they are known as rich Walden’s ferment overlords of all other kings so they won that right through several battles and the greatest of them was the great Pender and Pender had his royal seat on Tamworth Tanith if you have a better time with and.

Have will see was the gracious one of the greatest man-made mountains in the whole of the country because it actually dates from before because they say so Norman Montford it actually dates to sexercise the Saxons ever really built great mops it’s not a part of their culture so they can only explain this great mop by saying it sucks it was actually much.

Story unlike silver Hill but.

The Malta man place of pirates the mercian King which he used to spread in the city center the female Ellen current passes through.

The guild hall that stands on the site of the old guild house built around 1380 the current continues to Sant Mary’s Church in.

The market square which doubles as a Heritage Center displaying the history.

Of Litchfield spanning 2,000 years a succession of churches has rewarded resided here since 1150 but now the present Victorian Gothic building only provides a small chapel at its northern.

End for public worship from San Mary’s Church Ellen crosses the pond and enters the cathedral through a side door in the nave this statue of charles ii marks the edge of the current it in cross is an unidentified current by the nave altar excavations here have uncovered the foundations of the earliest church that originally housed the shrine of son chad monks the finds were the remains of.

A carved angel that may have been part of his shrine there is an ancient well underneath the cathedral similar to those beneath Winchester Cathedral this is our first site on the toolbar beacon which is one of the natural high places Birmingham you can see the weekend over there it helps to the east there’s not many heroes actually going so that this top.

Features 300 places perhaps four back you see the spine developing mouse has a physical spine from this base the other whites the toughest cover the Barbican side one of the vertebrae in the spine it’s.

A very powerful place where the male and female energies come together and just in slide this is constant reason behind is known as to stop plantation.

And this is good enough spot to be close enough to the note points of senses energy because the the moment the male energy goes through this one on the male energy here comes two inches a grecian this.

510 so today we’re going to revisit across the Barbie conceal thing to talk about the mysteries of this hill and then we’re going on to castle rings on Cannock Chase another mysterious place one of the largest he’ll fall this adeptly larger mountain castle even and then we’re going on every planet chase possibly we’ve got time submit action he’ll see the note point there which is this amazing sandstone cap in the middle of there’s all this forest is.

Incredible and then shrug prep the home of love which feels but also it was on the palace of the bishops of Murcia who were the most powerful bishops in the whole of Britain in Saxon times they’re sort of palaces a program which means sort of territory of the dragon or beast and we’ll talk about all the unusual.

Phenomena there and also clues to for tombs mysteries legends prairie asylum it’s all very children it’s a great place all these sites have all connected by one group the Druids so this was the center of the Artic through it as was Castle ring a Cannock Chase and Sroka Hall as.

Supposedly before Oh sort of the Royals came there and.

Powerful people made it there their homes it was a.

Place of the druids and we’ll see signs of that when we get there so all these sites that we visited that’s not connection as well yes the chakras.

Also went to great rivers meet you know in Chinese Feng.

Shui when the rivers meet they’re powerful places of cheap design.

The ancients knew about this power and how to enhance certain bring it into their temples or the places of religion.

To make them more powerful and.

To have their religion become more powerful because of the place they are preaching abroad so well think about it one time this whole area was very important to the whole of the country was like the Capital Area Litchfield Hamlet a.

Bar becomes one of those places where the old juries used to assemble once a year probably mid summer or Beltane because archaeologists here discovered post holes and.

Remnants of stones were back held megalithic stones quite for changes the stones had gone for the footings are still there so there must have been something like a large stone circle.

Up here what is possibly where we’re standing now is.

Necessary the excavator so they make often you find through one called collective consciousness people build temples over.

Sites and previous temples even if they don’t know it it’s kind of like all that feels that won’t place and that’s where people generally about natural sense of vanish wave building so here we.

Could be standing on the site of an ancient stone circle appear which the durricks used now this is also a thin veil area headless horsemen they always have so I know caused.

Recessions people have seen balls of light strange being to meet repossession system of timestep are they at night do they have torches already then that they’re always at night target that juice is sandstone and mudstone together all places that have paranormal phenomena is linked with with.

Unusual job genes but it should take respondents or memories because usually under certain circumstances on the full moon or even solar flares can create extra pressure in the earth and that correct because of the iron content in Stata just follow my own music and so that content we when creates more magnetism and when it’s turned up to a certain pitch and a certain frequency affects our.

Temporal lobe and then we start to see out of time experiences well some people use temporal lobe is activated we’ll.

See different things so your experience might be different from your experience of whatever’s going on at that time you may see the same thing you may not this has happened on the Isle of Wight.

Up to see this ghost house appear new every New Year’s Eve some people.

Have seen it appear person extra we see something else just a window with an approach that’s seen another part of the house so depending on the how highly tuned you are with your psychic.

Abilities you’ll see more so those of you do have an ability to become more spiritual as well rather than this because this would be sacred sacred site they wouldn’t.

Judge theirs but sadly in response slopes of the hill and surrounding areas that because we walk you know many people talked about this as well the fact was so many megalithic monuments on this hell also suggest that they were understanding of the fault line and using those monuments to harness the energy of of the fault line as well that would be found in many cases a lot of same circles and other you know that long berries were on folks horse at me on anomalies really here do you not using -.

Even telluric powers through the circle for whatever reason to buy the preacher you know connection on a university level for to recognize the landscape use that power to send it out.

To regenerate the world another more practical level Beacon Hill that means Beacon Hill it was a Beacon Hill and we’ve.

Noticed that there are chain of beacons around here because you know those times before the Romans came there were any invasions and we have two must have troops in different parts of the country there are only means of communication.