Episode 88 – British Serial Killers Jack The Stripper And Bible John

In the 1960s Glasgow was a dancing mad city with crowds flocking to his many ballrooms but for one young woman the taxi ride home from a dance hall in October 1969 but a man she just met was destined to end in tragedy as the cab made its way through the dark city streets her fate was already sealed it.

Seemed she had been dancing with a killer 13 o clock okay here we are again it’s Tuesday and it’s episode and the 888 right 88 weeks of this is it.

Yeah about that fast time keeps on seven I’m not sure we have like almost 2400 subscribers now it just grew by natural means you know I feel like the movie reviews have been a big help.

Yeah you know what I mean I do feel like people are kind of discovering the show through that although I don’t know maybe not maybe it’s just the topics for do yeah.

I think we need to shut down 13 o’clock at Menace that was kind of like a waste and maybe we’ll take that material and just download directly into the normal strain but that into a different place I’ve been thinking about doing that because you know how for our hundredth episode we’re gonna do.

Like a big super long kind of special edition yeah and I thought as kind of an adjunct to that.

That I would put all the 13 o’clock in minutes videos up around that same time to is kind of like a hundredth episode celebration so our hundredth episode is gonna go up I think in July July 17th or something like that so kind of lookout for that I.

Did start making all those 13 o’clock in minutes videos but they took such a long time and they didn’t really get a lot of hits and so I was kind of like well man we should just do movie.

Reviews because they’re much easier yeah you know they are not as graphics intensive right and there there are more effective advertisement for the yeah so I said well I’ll just like probably just close.

Down that is an extra Channel and just put them in the regular.

Stream but I’ll do that right around the July when we’re doing our hundredth episode now on this episode yes since we’ve done like some paranormal someone’s all mystery stuff like that I said why I want to get back to doing true crime so what we’re doing today is we’re talking about two.

British serial killers who have never been identified okay both of these serial killers are going to be in volume two of my book the faceless villain I’m going to talk about both of them in there and I mean these are like super weird cases they’re both from the 60s.

And these are really two cases that I’ve always been kind of fascinated by and maybe I get the feeling that maybe they’re not that well-known in the u.
all right so I kind of want to talk about.

Those and while we’re talking about that I’ve been working hard as I said on volume 2 of the faceless felon yeah it’s almost done actually not really well from my point of view it is you’re like.

What well I’m more than halfway down more than halfway that’s for sure but what I decided to do once.

I got to the halfway point I was like okay well I’m gonna go back and dig deeper make sure I didn’t like forget some big shit like to.

Put back in the first half of the book and of course I found a whole bunch of other shit because you guys and I think I mentioned.