Ancient Mysteries Of Egypt | Was Jesus In A Mystery School?

You well hello I’m Jeffrey Daugherty the Christian whistleblower and I’m here today welcome back to the channel first of all and I’m here today to ask you a question was Jesus a mystery school initiate and perhaps a better question and a more important question was the Christ and mystery school initiate I want you to subscribe I want you.

To like I want you to share and without any further ado we’re gonna ask this we’re gonna get into this question and the it’s a question.

By its very nature shows an advanced spiritual perception on the person of those that ask it and I’ve been asked this many times from the great subscribers to this channel and it shows that y’all are a smart bunch you are smarter than the average bear ‘he’s no doubt about it let’s take a look was Jesus was the Christ a mystery school initiate okay folks here we go with a fascinating question was Jesus a mystery school initiate was the Christ a mystery.
School initiate I get asked this a lot and like I said it does.

Indicate a high level of spiritual contemplation on the part.

Of the person that asked it because the person that asked such a question realizes that then now I lay me down to sleep i Boleyn of Jesus.

Or of the Christ is not entirely accurate and we’ll get to what I mean the difference between Jesus and the Christ and many of you that are listening to me.

Or have been listening to me already know and understand that but not every one of you has been listening to.

Me I find it hard to believe but we’re glad to have.

Here and now so was Jesus a mystery school.

Initiate no Jesus was not a mystery school initiate for this reason Jesus wasn’t real and Jesus did not exist was the Christ a mystery school initiate that’s a whole.

Different story now somebody says what do you mean Jesus did not exist well let’s go to my book final message of the last apostle and we’re just going there because it synthesizes all the Greek puts it in.

One spot makes it easy for us to access it let’s look at John 1 John chapter 1 and whether you believe in Jesus or whether you.

Believe in the Christ this is a seminal text that really encapsulates.

All of it so in the beginning was the word the Word was with God the Word was.

God the same was in the beginning with God and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us now these words do take us back to Genesis 1:1.

Where it says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth they are parallel passages and John’s speaking of the same time and place so when we understand that we understand that John’s.

Saying that in the beginning was the word the Word was with God and the Word was God and in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth now that word God in in the beginning in Genesis 1:1 is translated Elohim it’s not translated Elohim that is the word and it correctly means according to Strong’s exhaustive concordance Hebrew 4 3 0 that’s what that is that’s the Hebrew word for 3 0 it shows that the word really means gods plural God’s divine.

Beings male and female an ancient wisdom states over 7 Elohim which certainly agrees with the plural rendering and since we’ve been talking a lot of things lately around the Anunnaki and in such in terms it’s a it’s it’s synonymous with the Anunnaki most likely they’re at least beings of the same sort I’m still trying to sort out in my mind if the Anunnaki predated the Elohim or if they are the same beings those are the things keep Jeff dirty awake at night oh my but.

John clearly shows us that the god of Genesis 1:1.

And the God here of John 1:1 was actually God’s or divine godlike beings and that more than one of them was present and again that’s that’s.

Completely in line with Sitchin’s work it’s completely on with.

The Sumerian in fact it’s completely in line with every other great creation epic the book of Genesis borrows liberally that’s a nice word for plagiarizes from other religions and the problems with understanding within Roman Christianity be it Catholicism or Protestantism is that you have a polytheistic base trying to be jammed into a monotheistic hole and that creates all sorts of difficulties edgar cayce also spoke on this and by the way he was a devoted believer in.

The Bible Erich von Daniken also writes on this and Chariots of the Gods so for 2,000 years we’ve been force-fed logically deficient theories in attempt to force pegs of clearly polytheistic Allah language into money monotheistic holes so the the Bible writers were thoroughly conversant with worldwide literature they were writing from a thoroughly polyester position and it was only with monotheism which came in about a thousand BC Zoroastrianism and.

Judaism that the linguistic chicanery started to infect the Bible and cause us to have all sorts of difficulties understanding but back to the point at hand and that was all necessary was Jesus was the.

Christ and for now well we’ll leave them as being the same person although Jesus was not real and you got about to see.

Why here and the Word was with God and the Word was God it means that it’s the same exact thing only not the same exact things that means they’re right there next.

To each other plural gods goddesses judges divine ones.

True unbiased rendering of Genesis 1:1 is in the beginning the gods when this just talks about some of my personal experience with the writings of Sitchin but in the beginning there were a number of.

Divine ones and the word was amongst them that would be in John 1:1 and then John says the Word was God so consistent in our translate to be consistent in translation we’d say the word was Elohim and the word was.

One of the Gods pictured in Genesis 1:1 again I’m reading from final message of the last apostle that’s my book you can get it for a buck ninety-nine if you want to get all this I mean that’s a steal you should expect to see red lights flashing in your mirror your rear view mirror so if the word was an Elohim then who was.

The word the word became flesh dwelt among us we beheld his glory as of the only begotten.

Of the inexpressible father full of grace and truth and.

We all know and understand who became flesh who was beheld by the apostles and who was the only begotten of the inexpressible father only one person fits that description that would.