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Isis was the patroness of the magical arts among the Egyptians the youth to which magic should be put as revealed in the Assyrian cycle where Isis applies the most potent of our charms and invocations to accomplish the resurrection of Osiris in other words the redemption of the human soul that the gods of Egypt were elements of a profound.

And possessed a significance far different from that advanced by modern Egyptologist is certain the various deities of the Nile Valley were elements of an elaborate magical metaphysical system a kind of ceremonial Kabbalah this cannot be denied but even when impressed.
With the reality of this fact the modern Egyptologists still box supposing.

He asked that the Egyptians did possess an elaborate metaphysical doctrine of what value is its rediscovery in an age when the natural has been demonstrated to be mediocre and the supernatural non-existent even if these extinct persons whose mummies clutter up our museums were the custodians of some.

Mysterious lore we have simply outgrown let the dead past bury its dead they say we prefer to live.

In an era of enlightenment and enlightenment which you would like to espouse the superstitions of our remote ancestors these so-called superstitions however it is interesting to note die hard in fact they do not die at all but insinuate themselves.

Note in our matter-of-fact existences McCall’s magazine published some time ago an article by Edgar Wallace entitled the.

Munro dealing with the phenomena attended upon the opening of the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen after vividly describing the curse of amon-ra the.

Author sums up the effect of this curse upon those who came in contact with the tomb or its contents his statements are in substance as follows at the time the tomb was opened the party.

Present at the excavations included the Earl of Carnarvon Howard Carter and his secretary dick Bethel M Benedict the French archaeologist and impasse ANOVA of these only one.
Howard Carter remains alive now that was at the time of the.

Article colonel our brief herbert Carnarvon’s half-brother and evelyn white who also entered the tomb were both dead within a year one by suicide Sir Archibald Douglas read the radiologists who took an x-ray of the mummy was also dead within 12 months and professor Lafleur of McGill University the first American.

Scientist to examine the death chamber did.

Not leave looks or alive wolf Joel visited the tomb and was dead within a year Jay Gould was taken ill within.

The tomb and died attendants whose Duty it was to look.

After the exhibit from the tomb the Cairo.

Museum also sickened and died seven French authors and journalists visited the tomb and.

Six were dead within two years when they unveiled Tutankhamun they found a mark upon his face and by a strange coincidence the mark left upon the face of Lord Carnarvon which presumably caused his death was in exactly the same spot and of similar appearance nor does this list include the numerous native workmen who perished from the curse only recently another name was added to the long list associated with the trad Arthur waggle after a long and mysterious illness similar to that defined in the curse is.

The most recent victim the eminent authority on Antiquities dr. Mardis said quote the Egyptians for 7,000 years possessed the secret of surrounding their.

Mummies with some dynamic force of which we have only the faintest idea unquote over the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun was a magical tablet.

Inscribed with strange hieroglyphics dr. Mardis named this tablet the Stella of malediction for it pronounced a fearful curse upon any sacrilegious person who might violate the sanctuary of the deified head and it was called thus tell the words upon the Stella were as follows o ye beings from above o ye beings from below phantoms riding the breasts of men.

Ye of the crossroads and of the great highways wanderers beneath the shade of night and ye from.

The abyss ‘as of the west on the fringes of the twilight dwellers in the caverns of obscurity.

Who roused terrors and shuddering and ye walkers by night whom I will not name friends of the moon and ye intangible inhabitants of the world of night all people o denizens of the tombs all of you approach and be my witnesses and my respondents let.

The hand raised against my form be withered let them be destroyed who attacked my name my foundation my effigies the image is like unto me unquote can modern.

Egyptologists and scientists and all branches and department’s view lightly the culture of the Egyptians if their researches into the forces of nature gave them such strange power and enabled them to master natural laws of which modern learning has no knowledge or conception did you know that Lars Hanson was reared in the stell group did you know that.

A very famous talk-show host to come for the Masons all the time was a member also was heavily involved with the Communist Party did you know these.

Things do you ever bother to check you who listened to these people and believed them blindly you the sheeple of the world circumstances so extraordinary is.

The curse of King Tutankhamen.

Simply overtaxed the theory.

Of mere coincidence folks nor is this an isolated case as Bose will remember who read the accounts of the Cleopatra mummy curse many years ago will also be noted that in this age of moral certitude the story of the Tutankhamun curse had no sooner been broadcast and several of our.

Large museums were deluged by gifts of Egyptian antiquities from private individuals who no longer desired to own them and these persons most of them well-educated his modern education goes were not superstitious they were just careful the following article appeared in an English newspaper in 1923 quote the death of Lord Carnarvon has been followed by a panic among.

Collectors of Egyptian antiquities all over the country people are sending their treasures to the British Museum anxious to get rid of them because of the superstition that Lord Carnarvon was killed by the kha or double of the soul of Tutankhamun these fears are it is hardly necessary to state absolutely.

Groundless unquote it’s also hardly necessary folks to add that the journalist fails to give his authority.