Episode 21: Exploring The World Of David Paulides: Missing 411

I’m Josh I’m Lisa and I’m Nemo and we just heard here never seen one one Dirty Harry movie in other a five no there’s two gremlins five Dirty Harry’s I know the two gremlins actually police academies I think a once ate its mission of Moscow the last one I don’t know it’s been a long time he a police.

Academy oh yeah in an animated series good lord what’s good I like the second run ones better than the first I I like them both like well they’re two different movies like two different genres and everything it’s.

True calm anyone’s a fun one’s a horror flick yeah yeah the fresh Kremlin’s was kind of like man that was a good scary movie.
Or like if a decent scare at 12 year old and then the next one was like.

Man I was really funny you were 12 when you first saw gremlins because 11 or 12 yeah holy shit yeah that’s that’s getting up there well okay or maybe a little younger but around there and at most times 10 wow I feel so fucking old right now.

Yeah you should welcome to we just cool here I’m Josh the old man and with me today is a special guest mr. Riley here the news correspondent who is now recorded three four separate sessions and none of them have come through so let’s say the time is this this one has to work anything mystically speaking no no no this one has to work or I mean we sitting on the toilet Monday morning trying to record an episode to release Tuesday.
Nice yeah so this this one has to work.

Alright hopefully it does and hopefully we don’t get us intoxicated last.

Time no no no it’s whiskey Saturday it’s Friday night I’ve been up for 30 hours so we’re getting we’re getting that we’re gonna see only way I’m gonna make it jump blasted alright I’m yeah yes do it I’ve got to do this so yeah tonight we’re gonna get right to it I.

Invited Raleigh over to join me tonight Nemo has to work and Lisa is right now going through the Donner Pass in California trying not to get eaten by cannibals so and try not to become one herself I hear human.

Meat is very tasty I’m gonna eat a person before I die me too let’s do it I made someone promise.

I ever lost my leg in an accident you could eat it they dry agent for me too yeah um I have a friend who like as soon as like robotics are good enough or cybernetics is gonna cut off his arm.

We’re gonna eat it I’m so excited that sounds delicious he sounds really good he’s very fatty I’m like way into it the marbling is gonna be impeccable dude dude like just beat him beer and then massage.

Him basically every time I see him yeah yeah well I won’t wait you might also give him like just really nice sugars in corn good good does he have a nice shiny coat oh yeah okay I keep it nice and trim I would really go for this lifestyle yeah you know he’s meet me all right thank you I get a bike I’d love to eat.
You huh yeah you never get into that conclusion I’m.

Okay with that all right yep eat me anyway today we’re gonna talk about something that I absolutely adore and I’m really hoping someday to get to read the books myself and not just listen to the interviews if you’re familiar with coast to coast am.

At all or missing people or any of those sort of things then you already know the name I’m about to say David Politis has been writing books about listen sir does it plead.

Like I have her to pronounce so many different things on the Internet is that somebody pronounced it like Peleg’s the other day and was like look that was our bill yeah it was yeah I see our bill under here it’s so is so weird I was like yeah what are you trying to say so obviously I’ve listened to one or two interviews that he’s done on coast and midnight in the desert and caravan the.

Midnight other shows at night and I love all of them he is super professional he’s got a really good theory going he never states exactly what he thinks is happening but the evidence.

That he gathers for these cases and how he connects them I think is really really interesting what am i you important questions here is you said he doesn’t ever state what he thinks is going on that’s absolutely true everything I’ve listened to read and.

Watched about Dave apply these in any farm even his website that’s wildly outdated is like the missing 401 Can Am website yet can I’m missing com they never theorize what is actually happening no they just say.
What it’s like they just say they don’t ever be.

Like it’s aliens or it’s the government they never say it’s so which is very satisfying and after we talked about a couple of cases I want you and I to come.

Theory the official we just nerd here stance and I want to causing these disappearances then all right I like it so hopefully.

You’ve been enjoying we just school here so far we’re coming up on.

The home stretch just two episodes left after this and maybe a couple surprises along the way we’ll see how how things go over the next couple weeks but a couple quick facts about the criteria for the cases that mr. polite is covers we’ll just calm David David yeah we can pronounce David because David not polite is de’vide does these so there’s certain abnormal parameters that he goes through and to do these cases most of.

Them are rural though in the last few years he has been able to find clusters that fit the same criteria in cities as well as with aircraft and ships so most of the disappearances have no suspects in involved no history of mental ill they’re.

Definitely not voluntary there’s no evidence of an attack by an animal or a human the victim no solid evidence no solid evidence most of the time there’s no cellphone on the victim at the time of the disappearance there’s a lack of scent from animals that come to the scene which that one really right there that’s a big one for me yeah like you know I’ve known blood heads.

Mm-hmm and they they’ll smell they pick it up really really quick yeah.

So I don’t know that one for me that’s that’s kind of a big one that wouldn’t that one gets me to like that going bear hunting even like we we.

Have bloodhounds and bloodhounds get right on a set so like especially a missing cases.

Like I’ve met some of those like that work specifically for and with humans and I’ve never seen one of them fail and I’ve never ever like meant like.

A bloodhound that can’t pick up a trail if there is one so that that’s huge.