Travel Channel Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates On Investigating Sports Mysteries | Dan Patrick Show

Got a sports mess mystery that you can solve or you’d want to solve you tell me I’m trying to do 20 of these shows a year talk to me what do we got a missing trophy a missing what what what can I go do in the sports realm you tell me McLovin bloody soccer chili oh well that’s just.

From a Yankee perspective they don’t believe in the bloody song III believe in.

The bloody song about Babe Ruth pointing calling a homerun shot at Wrigley Field yeah deflategate snarky I could I you know as a New England.

Guy is a Boston guy that’s dangerous territory for me but use your science is disprove that one already do you want to tackle it just so you can kind.

Of exonerate Tom Brady sure but who knows where this will lead territory let’s.

Not kid ourselves how about you don’t think any of us are a hundred.

Percent convinced why don’t you do the Patriots and we could put a lot on you know spy games I mean there’s.
A lot of things a lot I’m just going to.

Investigate the Patriots yeah that feels like a dangerous mission welcome back I’m gonna end up in a parking garage talking to somebody in the shadows you know yeah Paulie I I grew C know if you did the the Babe Ruth one there’s been a lot of like sports guys who done it but I have an on sports person to look at it objectively you know I would love to do that I think one of the things as the show goes on that we’re exploring more and more is you know it’s.

Not all vanished temples and lost explorers I think that we’re trying to do things in lots of different spaces so as much as we’re kind of gagging around about it I it’s totally possible to do something like that I’d like I got one the Immaculate reception with Franco Harris did the ball carom off a teammate Frenchy fuqua where he caught it just off the grass and are the astroturf ran in for a touchdown then they went to the Super Bowl that one is still they’ve got just a couple of camera.

Angles there they didn’t even know where the football was after the touchdown right so there’s there’s mystery with that was it a legal catch.

That might be one as well yeah also how the Lakers get Kobe.

Bryant how they char Lee to trade for Kobe Bryant I’m actually sensing a full spin-off series here this is maybe we should be.

Doing the sports version and somebody called my agent off-camera please lock up exact effects of edition of sports mysteries quality title please hit LegalZoom on this right now trademark this sucker right now type up a treatment yes the Dan Patrick show weekday mornings on audience.