Program 5a – Mysteries Of Jerusalem's Golden Dome

Good afternoon to everybody we’re glad you’re here this afternoon again by the way we have some of the best exhibits left till today so make sure when we have the break you go and see what we have on display tonight I have a few up here I’ll talk about them perhaps at the end of this session some very.

Significant inscriptions you may have heard of Sergius Paulus I’ll make you wait to talk about that one all right very interesting one another one we.

Have here is a Sumerian king list way back from the ancient Sumerians and.

I’ll mention what this is significant and we’ll have it on the exhibit the other staff ternoon so some really important artifacts on display this afternoon so make sure that you get a break and have a look at those exhibits all right this afternoon we’re going to be looking at a couple of very important places in the world or a number of them we’re going to be talking about the mysteries of Jerusalem’s golden dome mosque today and we’re also going to be journeying with the Phoenicians the Phoenicians living along the coastal area of what.

We call Palestine today first of all let’s go to the Middle East at the crossroads and we’re looking at the mysteries of this golden dome building that we often see in Jerusalem on the news and so on you know back in the year 2000 the Prime Minister of Israel took an interesting trip up onto the.

Top of the Temple Mount this was Ariel Sharon and because of that visit tragically he.

Caused a whole heap of trouble there in Israel we have what we call the Second Intifada as a result of his going on to the Temple Mount there back in 2000 some 3,000 Palestinians lost.

Their lives in that conflict at that time and 1,000 Israelis were killed during this period tragic I guess the question went we need to understand this afternoon our answer is why did he come here why’d he go up on top and why did it cause such a terrible catastrophe why did it upset the Muslim world especially the Palestinian Arabs there in Israel we to see the answer to those.

Important questions they turn out to be very important questions as we go through our first session this afternoon let’s go back in time now back around 4,000 years ago to the time of Abraham Abraham even made a long time magazine must.

Be pretty famous to get their front cover story Abraham because he’s important to the Islamic people because they consider Ishmael it’s as the father of the Arab nations and many of course Arabs are Muslims he sort of the father to many Muslims today in the world he’s also important to the Jewish people of course because through him came the Israelites and then of course.

To the Christians as well because many of the things the origin of Jesus comes down through that hit Jesus comes through that line from Abraham so a very important person now Abraham lived here in or in the area what we call Samaria back in those days in Sumer Abraham was living here when he received his famous call that’s recorded.

In the biblical records we go to the book of Genesis the book of beginnings in the biblical records and we notice what it says about this call that was given to Abraham now the Lord had said to Abram get out of your country that’s or or Sumer the city of Ur was in Sumer to.