The Unsolved Mysteries That Took Place At Gas Stations

The unsolved mysteries that took place at gas stations number 10 the disappearance of Kelly dove on the evening of June 18 1982 20 year old Kelly dove was working the graveyard shift alone at the Imperial gas station in Harrisonburg Virginia sometime during the night Kelly vanished without a trace but not before she reported some disturbing incidents of harassment.

To the police shortly after midnight Kelly called 9-1-1 to report that she was receiving obscene phone calls she asked the police to check on her but they never showed up later Kelly phoned.

Again to report that she was being harassed by a male customer implying that he hadn’t decently exposed himself to her at approximately 2:30 a. a frightened Kelly called 9-1-1 for the third time to report another obscene phone call she also claimed that the same customer had pulled into the parking lot in a silver Ford the police finally decided to check on her but Kelly was gone when they arrived two minutes later her purse had been left.

Behind but there were no signs of any struggle or robbery the police received criticism for not going to the station until Kelly’s third 9-1-1 call they also neglected to close the store or dust for fingerprints after her disappearance Kelly’s family has always believed that a former high school acquaintance of hers with a history of indecent exposure and obscene phone calls might be responsible for the disappearance but no evidence has ever tied him to the scene Kelly dove remains missing after more than 30 years.

Tragic part of her story is that she had traded shifts with her sister and wasn’t even supposed to.

Be working that night number 9 the disappearance of Susan sweet o at approximately 4:00 p. on January 19 1988 19 year-old Susan sweet o left her place of employment in Oak Park Heights Minnesota and was driving to her home.

In Lake Elmo susan was about to come mom endures from her destination when she was forced to stop at a gas station because her car was overheating according to the attendant on duty Susan then climbed into another car at the station that was driven by an unidentified man that was the last time anyone ever saw her as Susan disappeared on a cold snowy day it.

Seemed strange dat her car overheated however an examination of her vehicle revealed DET the petcock on her radiator had been loosened one theory is that the unidentified man at the gas station had sabotaged Susan’s car earlier so that he could follow her from her workplace and offer her a ride once she had car trouble the case took another strange turn when Susan’s mother visited her apartment and found the red pantsuit Susan had been wearing at work on her bed did Susan or another individual visit the apartment at some point after she disappeared sadly after.

27 years there are still no answers about what happened to Susan sweet Oh number 8 the disappearance of tangina Hussain at approximately 9:00 p. on October 2nd 2008 general Hussain visited a gas station in the Hamtramck suburb of Detroit according to jam.

Roll two-year-old tangina hussain was in his vehicle even though they shared the same surname tangina was not jamol’s child but he was dating tan Gina’s mother nilufar Begum Jan roll claimed that he left tangina in.

The locked vehicle to purchase a few items at the gas stations convenience store when he returned to his car a few minutes later tangina was gone even though there were surveillance cameras at the station generals car just happened.

To be parked out of camera range so there was no way to verify what had happened to tan Gina it wasn’t long before suspicions started to fall.

Upon general instead of searching for tangina or calling the police after the girl went missing general made the inexplicable decision.

To pick up night luffa at her workplace he acted strangely when she asked where her daughter was dan jeana’s disappearance was not reported to the authorities until after jan roll drove my loofah back to the gas station after the case received media coverage the story took a bizarre turn when a 15 year old girl came forward to claim that jambul had kidnapped.
And raped her earlier that same.

Year an investigation revealed that general and the girl had likely been involved in a consensual relationship the kidnapping charge was dropped but general was charged with statutory rape in December 2009 he received a prison sentence of 18 months to 15 years JME.

Role is still considered a person of interest in dan jeana’s disappearance but the child has never been found number 7 the murder of Leo lamontagne on September 7th 1957.

19 year-old Leo LaMontagne was working the overnight shift alone at the hub service station in Winnipeg at approximately 4:20 a. a police officer stopped by the station and was shocked to discover Leo slumped over the office desk in a pool of blood he had been struck.

On the head three times with a blunt object although Leo momentarily regained consciousness he was unable to describe what had happened Leo was rushed to a nearby hospital but he passed.

Away four days later a pool of blood was found in the garage indicating that Leo was probably attacked there he had managed to make it to the office but passed out before he.
Could call for help money was missing from the register and some.

Gas had also been stolen the last confirmed sighting of Leo was approximately 2.5 hours before he was found however something suspicious did happen during that time at 2:30 a. two young men pulled into the station to get some gas but nobody came out to serve them finally they saw a man entering.

The station’s office he approached the young men and told them that he was washing cars in the garage and that the pumps were currently closed that man appeared to be in his 30s and was definitely not Lear lamontagne it’s likely that he murdered Leo during a robbery attempt but the killer has never been identified number six the disappearance of Cheryl Shearer in 1979 19 year-old Cheryl Shearer was employed as an.

Attendant at the Rhodes pump her own service station in Scott City Missouri originally she had worked.

The night shift so her family was relieved when her shift was changed to 6 a.
but an a cruel twist of fate Cheryl vanished in broad daylight at.

Some point between 11:40 and 11:50 a.