Inmailx Demo – Outlook Plugin & Email Productivity Tool

Hi everyone its Michelle from ik Tish and today I’m going to run through in mail X which is software that is attached to Outlook that enables you to control and manage your mail dealing with attachments and also offers integration into records management systems such as trim and into SharePoint as well and I’ll run you through some of the.

Cool features it has so let’s just open outlook so I’ll be.

Using a demo account today and probably sending from myself backwards and forwards in and out.

Of my demo account just so that you can see how emails coming in and out in.

Any environment might work I’m hoping obviously as with all things demo that there’s no issues while I’m busy recording this so let’s just jump right on in so here is my mail as you can see I have some attachments here someone that sent me an email with a CC on it but what I’m going to do is I’m just going to create a new email just so we can see how things work so here I am sending some emails.

Saying it’s an important email because aren’t they all important and enabling once I’m in my email shell to attach a file so in Outlook you have this up in the ribbon you probably all know it’s there but if you don’t or needed.

A reminder you can attach files from here you can drag and drop files in as well if you’ve got some files that you’ve been working on so if I just attach.

Some files and that one there we go here’s my three file so normally with attachments you hit Send and off it would go immediately sent with no nothing else to be done to the attachment or to the email itself and this is where in my lectures is really fantastic.

So if I hit Send it has a couple of features that are built-in that come out of the box one is send God which it it’s a prompter it’s pretty much saying.

Are you sure this is who you’d like to send the email to and are you sure these are the attachment that you want to include now if you send emails external or internal to the business and there are a lot of people call let’s use Michelle is sometimes a fair challenge you’ll send it to the wrong Michelle or you may also even put the.

Wrong attachment in while you were busy and dragging and dropping or or adding the file so this is pretty good just to say you know are you sure this is what you’d like to do so I can say yep okay this is what I’d like to do in Malek’s will then come up and has some other options that allows you to do you’re competing if.

Them and send them straightaway so there’s no checking you’re sort of saying once they’re PDF to send them off fantastic you can choose.

You can do what they call a clean and send and what clean and send does it actually removes all.

The metadata and all the information document properties attached to the document from the document so it’s.

A nice clean reference document if you need it to be PDF and review does exactly that it’ll PDF these documents for you and then allow you to review or to carry on writing your email.

If you want so I’m just gonna do a PDF and send for a moment and show you not only PDF and send fantastic but there are a couple of things you can do when you’re sending attachments straight away on the fly I can if I’ve got these three documents in my email I can elect to combine them all so if these documents were all relating to the exact same piece of information I can create a file name and that makes sense to someone so I can call them project documents.

And what that will do it’ll take all three of those documents and put them into one PDF with some bookmarks down the side of the actual PDF I’ll open one and show it to you when it sends it through to us I also have the ability here if I wanted to to change the order of the way things are so I might actually want VIP to be down.

The bottom and I might want the business plan to be at the top so nice alphabetical.

Sorting now I’ll show you how cool that can be as well and I’m just going to do that for now because there are some.

Other things you can do at the same time but I’ll just do that so what here as.

I said here are my three documents I want you to make them one awesome PDF and I want you to create me some bookmarks inside the PDF so people can get to them easily and I hit okay now in mail X starts.

PDF in the attachments it will then also create one big PDF with the bookmarks in it and we’ll send it off so it’s not going.

To prompt me again am I sure or do I want to review anything because I asked it to do all this it was a PDF and send so it’s.
Doing all that as we go so it’s combined the attachments as you can.

See and it’s gone so that’ll start coming through to me probably in the next minute or two I’ll create another email I’m just gonna send it again to myself call it something else some more information and it’s important again because yep as I said isn’t everything.

We’re going to attach some files now at the moment Oh actually attaches PDF one as well so I’ve attached a couple of different options here in my email in my attachments so again I can hit Send and let it go I also have the options in.

In Malek’s it also has go send and file so I can send it and file it into a folder or into SharePoint as I go if I wanted to.

As well but for this demo what I’m wanting to show you is another attachment feature again that’s prompting me am I sure this is what I’d like to do.

Yes it is and I’m now going to PDF and send now I’m going to actually yeah well I’ll go PDF and send for a moment just so we can.
See this feature that I’m going to show you now is the.

Ability to rename your attachments so if I just move the Box down rename the attachment so that.

They make more sense so if you have a very detailed naming convention within your company you may have things named by like you know date and then.

The author’s name and then a policy number and the type of document or whatever it might be so you could have quite a long naming convention or you could have the.

Name of a document is you know policy 24/2 you know what that means but nobody else does so what this allows you to do is to rename the attachment.

You’re putting in the document you’re not affecting your document at all so the your what you’re doing is giving people a view of a document so if I just call it remote access but done changed I’m going to do this one.