7 Must-have Apps For The Girl Boss

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new here so today I am so excited to be sitting down and just talking with you guys about some of my favorite apps extensions all of this fun stuff hopefully you guys like my new little full background we got the cute little pumpkins but I got some fairy.

Lights go in so I love using these apps in college but I use some of these but for college too so if you’re in high school or.

If you’re out of college you can use these for work or for your business or whatever you’re doing when the spider means do this video is the fact that I got a new phone and now I.

Feel super techy I upgraded my 7 plus I upgraded to the 10s and I actually.

Downgrade its size so I went from the plus I didn’t get the 10s max if you guys.

Want me to talk about how I like this phone so there’s things I like rotten things something I don’t like about it but that’s just with any Apple upgrade things are different and I’m sure I’ll get used to it but that is the phone that I’m using let’s get on.

Into the apps sorry if you did not care about that at all okay so the first one I actually did buy the upgraded version because I used it in school every day it is called Evernote it is an app on your phone but it is also a desktop you can also get it on your computer and I use.
The most on my computer but what.

I love about it is that I can edit PDFs so a lot of my classes they give me PDFs to read and so what I will do so I’ll have to print out and.
Waste all the paper or try to format the PDF you just upload it into.

Evernote and you can annotate it meaning right on it draw on it type on it you can also take notes in your classes you can record audio you can.

Work on notes to collaborative so if you are in a group with people and they all have Evernote you can work collaboratively on presentations or notes it is such a good app especially for students I also love the fact that they do have an app so let’s say I’m waiting in line somewhere and I have homework looming in the back of my head.
If I’ve already uploaded the PDF on my.

Laptop I can open the Evernote app continue to read and annotate the PDF or my notes in my phone so that is so good it’s against such a big key for college students especially if you have a lot of professors assign you digital readings or if you just need a good a good application to take notes on the next app has.

Been sponsored on my channel twice now it’s not being sponsored right now I just wanted to share with you guys because I use it so much you all know I love listening to podcasts and if I could just put the podcast app as a.

Productivity app I would let me just tell you get the podcast app on Apple or cast box or Spotify whatever you want to listen to podcasts on because I do that and I feel so productive anyway podcasts are great but if maybe you’re not really into podcast but you like reading but you don’t want to listen to audible or listen to.
The whole book you just kind of really.

Go-go-go I want to get through some books quickly blink guest is awesome and it’s basically a condensed version of.

Your favorite nonfiction books so all the self-help and improvement books that I love are all on blink best so this.