Google Keep And Google Docs Together! (how To Connect Notes)

Google keep is a fantastic tool for grabbing all those ideas all those notes all those thoughts in one centralized location and especially if you are using keep on your mobile device you probably quickly add a number of notes in a single day well if you’re already a user of Google keep there’s a pretty good chance that you also.

Make use of Google Drive and in particular in the.

Docs application for creating reports or writing articles maybe you take meeting notes within Google Docs well today I want to show you the relationship and how Google.
Docs and Google keep integrate with one another how you.

Can actually access both from either application so let’s start let’s start by taking a look at Google Docs here I’ve started a new article and let’s say I’ve captured a number of ideas within my keep account maybe I’ve got some images I’ve got some notes I’ve got the rough draft the pieces the puzzle pieces of a great article and I want to access that information in order to do so all we need.

To do is select tools and about halfway down we have an option that says keep notepad so if we select that what appears on the right-hand side of the screen is a mini version of all of our keep notes and we can search the notes we can add new notes we can even edit these notes directly from this view so now when I’ve got some text let’s say.

I’ve got the the startings of an article or maybe just a few points what I can do is I can select the three dots here and I can say add to document and now my text is immediately here within my Doc’s environment let’s.

Say I want this image and I want to bring it to into the document now I just showed you how to do so by selecting the menu option here right by selecting the three dots here well keep actually makes it that much easier I can just.

Click and drag that image and now it’s directly in my documents so whether it’s text whether it’s images let me give you one other example.

This one have having to do with a checklist what happens when you take a checklist.

Into Docs it will actually convert it into a bulleted list and of course I can come in here and edit it any way that I like but all that.

Great information all the bits and pieces of my reports or an article or maybe notes that I’ve kept on a client I can pull directly into my document here.

But it gets even better because this relationship actually works both ways let’s say that I’ve got some information here that I would like to bring in I’m just gonna delete a couple of these notes so we can get a better view here let’s say I want to bring some of this information back into my keep environment now you will notice when I drag things out of keep it doesn’t remove it from.

My keep notepad it’s gonna keep it.

There but let’s say this first sentence I.

Would like to create a new note around it and it did.

Not originate here all I need to do is highlight that piece of text or it could be an image I’m going to right click and I can say save to keep notepad and now you.

Can see it’s created a brand new note that I now have accessible here within my keep notepad now I’m going to switch back over to my keep application or to the main keep window here so here you can see that piece of text that I’ve brought in but there’s another advantage to doing this you will see down.

Is a keep integration link and what happens is that it keeps that link between this note and the actual Google Doc where it came from or where it was created from so if I click on this link it’s gonna bring me back right here to the original.

Document this is where that note originally came from now another way of doing.

This is by taking a note within this keep viewer from within Doc’s so let’s say this.

Is a new note a new note from Google DOX now you will notice as I’m creating this note it again adds this automated keep.

Integration link and so it’s going to keep that tie it’s gonna keep that sync between this actual document and the note that I’m taking here I’m going to select done and now when I go back to my keep tab there again you.

See that same keep integration link that we have there if I select it it’s gonna bring me right back to this document now you don’t.

Have to have all of your notes synced to the actual document where you kept it let’s say I just want to add a new note and it’s.

To this document all I need to do is select X I can remove that.

Source and now the note that I take here will not link it will not be related to this area but I know that there is a number of people who are starting to use their keep notes as another way of keeping track of comments within a particular document remember you can highlight that area you can bring it in here and make other revisions as well so you can use labels you know you.

Can search by labels if you like and see everything that is integrated or directly related to this document here so just a couple.

Of ways that we can that we can do so but let’s go now back to our keep account and see how we can create a.

New document directly from our keep environment so let’s say I’ve got.

These startings of an article here I’ve got something titled new blog idea and it’s just.

A rough scratch you know I’ve been writing a few things or maybe I’ve grabbed a long piece of text somewhere from the internet for example well we can actually.

Start a new Google document directly from this node and here’s how to do it if we go to the more option down below you will see at the very bottom there’s an option called copy to Google Docs and what happens is when we select.

This option it may take just a moment you see down below it says it has been copied to Google Docs let’s open that document alright let’s open.

Happened look at this it’s brought in all that text everything that I got started in my keep environment it’s now got me set up within a new document within Google Drive it’s brought over the title of that.

Note and all of the information that was within that note so you know maybe you’re a writer or maybe you have a.

Long piece of information lots of text or lots of information in a note and you want to branch that out or you want to apply some rich text editing you want to flesh it out into an article or report you can do so by let’s go back to keep for a second by selecting copy to Google Docs so another way of.

Bringing in information this time from keep and bringing it directly into a brand-new document within Google Docs now there’s one other example that I want to show you today and how Google Docs and Google keep can integrate with one another another advantage of using both of these things together and it has to do with the OCR technology that is built.

Right in within the keep environment so let’s go.

Down to let’s actually start we’re gonna start this one in keep and I’ve taken a screenshot of a poster here now you may already be aware that when you are grabbing an.

Text on it that Google keep has the ability to grab and convert any text on that image into real text so if you want to edit this text let’s say these bullet points that are listed here you know I’d like to include that in my Google document all I need to do is come down to this menu again and above the copy to Google Docs option we have grab image text so I’m going to select it this time and what has happened is.

You can see just down below it has taken the text up above and it has put it into this node.

Now I’m gonna open it up so we can see it in a bit more in a bit more detail now it’s not always perfect as you can see it’s missing a couple of letters here and a few things it’s supposed to be at the beach right so I’m gonna put in a capital B there and this is supposed to have yeah.

It’s supposed to have an L long sleeved shirts and pants but otherwise it’s done a pretty good job of grabbing the text that we see up above and now it’s here down below so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go back to Google Drive and if I go and find this note here it is now I have the text within here right now I have the text available to me so if.

I’d want to bring that into my document I can select it I can grab it I can bring it in here now it will bring in the entire note so I’ve got the image up above but now I’ve got all that.

Great text as well and that’s really what I wanted I can come up here I can delete the image.

But now I’ve got all that text that I wanted from that poster it only took me a couple of seconds and now I can edit it I can manipulate it here within Google Docs so those are a number of different.

Ways and how you can use information both in Google Docs and send it to Google key or vice versa you can have the.

You’ve grabbed you can just click and drag add images add text even add bullet points and checklists directly to Google.

Documents I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I would love to hear from you what is your favorite tip about the integration.

Between Google keep and Google Docs be sure.

To include it in the comments below thank you again for watching I encourage you.

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