Getting Started With Google Keep Tutorial: How To Use Google Keep To Stay Organized

Hello everyone welcome to this ghost kill cell home video my name is Francesco and what we’re going to be doing in this feature is taking a look at Google keep now Google keep is a Google design service that essentially allows you to know take across your day it’s very easy to get started with and is a really strong.

Experience to being able to take notes and make checklists and images and capture.

These ideas as you go across a day so let’s jump into a few of the features of Google keep as you can see this is the web version there are iOS Android applications that are pretty handy however there are no desktop applications in a moment as you can see it’s a very simple design you get to create this thing called cards so for example if I wanted.

To make a new title I would say checklist for vacation and I could start what I could start doing is only set that as a reminder so you can actually have it remind you and a collaborator so if I needed someone else.

To come in I can and a backboard to this so this is quite a nice function you can almost make it look like a post-it note and you can add any images as well if that’s relevant you can also delete the note and a label so if.

I wanted to add a holiday as a tab as a late sorry a label this will help organize these ones when it comes to searching you can add a drawing as well you can actually draw it yourself or using application but however I won’t and one.

There you can also add a checkboxes as well so that you can start adding all the stuffs a pack Sun lotion for example or make sure I have a passport or just put passport and you can slowly build these lists and.

Once you take off that it goes down into your feed so for.

Example you can see ones if you ant a little bit of text it’ll appear large you can add lists you can add links and the links.

Will all link up and you can also slow the add to dues as well which is quite nice and you’ve got this ability.

To start adding notes as you go across a day so cool thing is as well as you can pin notes so for example.

If I wanted to pin something I would do the following hit the pin button and it will go up to the top here so if I wanted the most important things.

At the top this is some of the planning I did last year and I had to pin it’s at a top you can also ask home stuff as well if you want to remove it so for example this might be irrelevant now so I’ll just.

Archive it and you can find that all the archived in the archive section down here and everything syncs really well.

That’s one thing that I’ve been super impressed by everything is searchable as well if you.

Want to search anything type anything specific about books it will actually search the content and find books relevant that you’ve typed in or let’s say groceries there’s a few shopping lists there that I’ve added because I find Google keep is a great way to quickly add stuff to it and have a really quick list to access any guys that’s the basic introduction to Google keep it’s very simple very easy to use and something.

A lot of people are enjoying at the moment especially for quick and easy access to a little checklist anyway guys if you enjoyed this future it’s worth going over to ghost ghost calm they.