Java Tutorials|basic Concepts Of Java: Introduction And Installation

Hi guys welcome to the tutorial in the theory section you learned about what is Java what are the special features of Java and what are the various versions of Java and also the overview of Java programming in this video we will see how to install JDK how to install Eclipse and also we will see how to write a.

Small demo program first we will see how to install JDK to install JDK we will get all the JDK downloads from the Oracle website so I have already opened the oracle.
com website in the download section.

You have all the Jadakiss available for all different types of FOIAs currently I am using mccoy’s so I’m going download this Mac OS dot dmg file before downloading you have to accept their license so I am going to accept the license after accepting license you can download that damn da-da TMG file if you are using Windows or any other operating.

System Linux or Solaris you can download according to your operating system once the download is complete you have to open the.

Download folder click on show in folder C double click on that dot dmg file the verification process is going on it’s saying double click on icon to install just to double click continue click on install it’s asking for.

Password just give your system password click on install software installation is going.

So now I got message like the insulation was completed successfully click on close to you check whether the JDK installed properly or not open the terminal if you are using Windows you can open the command prompt type Java C – version you can see the version which has been installed in your machine C in my.

Machine I have in storage area K 1.

8 so this has been updated from WWE with said you can get the Eclipse downloads so I have opened the website see.
Here you have all the eclipse.

Downloads that are available here also you have to select the operating system I am using Mac so.

I am selecting this Mac OS X and also I am going.

To download this Eclipse IDE my machine is 64-bit machine so I’m going to select this file click on download so download process has been started once the download has.

Been completed open the Downloads folder here we have got the dot dmg Eclipse folder Eclipse file double click on.

Controls is going on I’m just dragging this a placate a pair Eclipse into Applications folder so now.

From the Applications folder I can see the Eclipse see this is the Eclipse icon double click the icon.

To open verification process is going on Eclipse is an application downloaded from the internet or you.

Click on open Eclipse is opening it’s asking for workspace location I’m just directing the selecting the default location click on launch workspace location is nothing but the location where the program will be stored now the eclipse has been opened to write a small program you have to create a Java project for that click on the icon in the top new select Java project it’s asking for project name for demo purpose I am just going to.

Give them more project in this section you can select the JRE version if we have one or more JRE versions available in your machine you can select according to your project click on next here the default output folder location has been mentioned if you want to change the output folder location you can change then click finish now the demoproject has been created it is a project folder.

Here you have the source folder and the JRE library which we have included now you have.

To create a sampleclass for that from the source folder right click new select class now how to give the class name I’m just giving example as a class name now I have got the.

Warning saying that type name is discouraged by convention type name you should start with an uppercase letter so I’m going to give this es a capped.

Letter click on this checkbox public static void.

Main click on finish the example dot Java class has been created in this class I just want to print hello as the output so for that I.

Have to type system dot out.

Dot println inside the quotes I have to type whatever I want.

To get as output I just say hi sorry hello ctrl s to save right click run as java application to run the program.

The program has been successfully compiled and executed hello has been printed if you want to change to something else you can change again ctrl s to save run as java application c hello how are you which has been printed as the output thank you for watching tutorial have a great day.