A Simple Method To Quadruple Your Productivity: The 80/20 Rule

What’s Up now gang welcome to satu now the number one place to come for positive content on health wellness and spirituality please be sure to subscribe to this channel and turn on post notifications as well as like and share this video day today’s topic is how to increase productivity the 80/20 rule right we all have 24 hours in.

The day do you ever feel the days gone by too fast and you didn’t get as much done as you would have liked don’t you wish you could get more done in less time there’s a law called the.

Pareto principle and it states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the cause for example 80 percent of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the population 80 percent of the books information is condensed into just 20 percent of the pages 80 percent of your muscle gains come from just 20 percent of your workout 80 percent of your sales come from just 20 percent of your customers what am I saying here focus on the 20 percent eliminate the other.

80 percent that doesn’t bring results if you spent the day studying chances are you and studying 100 percent of the day you most.

Likely spend a lot of time listening to music watching irrelevant videos taking bathroom breaks scrolling through social media texting drinking random glasses of water or juice stepping outside to catch sunlight etc so only 20% of the time were you actually reading and only 20% of what you read was absorbed entertained but if you could have got phone time into researching the topic via.

Videos and articles and brought the food and drinks to your desk you could have spent more time studying and retained a whole lot more information essentially whenever you have a desire task that you want to do quickly and efficiently ask.

Yourself will 20% of efforts go into making 80% of the results still watching comment below what you would do if you had an extra two hours in the day want more energy to increase productivity okay so maybe you’ve mastered the 8020 rule but you’re still too tired to make it through the day caffeine starting to add up and make you crash I think.

It’s time you try oxygen yes oxygen it’s a key ingredient in your cells producing energy that’s why as you run you start breathing faster if there’s not enough.

Oxygen going to your cells they’re not getting enough energy oxygen levels dropped from stale air over exertion intense workouts and stress oxygen plus works by squeezing just.
A few drops on your tongue and swallowing don’t.

Worry it’s tasteless click the information link or the link in the description.