5 Must-know Google Calendar Tips And Tricks

Google Calendar is chock-full of nifty little features that will probably delight you that’s today on dottotech Steve dotto here how the heck you doing this fine day dottotech it makes tech easy so you can do more more what well I’ve been thinking about taking up yoga you could consider that now before we begin looking at a lot of.

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Basis today we’re gonna be talking about Google.

Calendar and some of the kind of hidden features that I think make it a delight to use let’s begin by taking a look at how Google Calendar integrates with Gmail so here’s an example I’ve got.

An email here for a speaking engagement I’m gonna do and I have to do some follow-up work on it I’ve got the email in my inbox but it’s I don’t want to deal with it right now I want to schedule it at a time when I know.

I have some time to work on it so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna click on the more’ tab in Gmail and there I can create an event and it’s gonna create an event out of this email it’s going to incorporate all of the information that it finds in the email in that event and look here it’s.

Going to populate into the into the into the appointment the text of the email so I don’t have to go back and find the email although there will be a link to the email if I.

Want to see the original email and now all I have to do is I just have to pick a time to work on it I want to work on this Monday morning at about let’s just say it’s going to put it in for 11:00 a.

Put it in for 11:00 it’s only gonna take me half an hour to fill in.

All the information that they’re gonna need and.

To save this so now oh it looks.

To see who else is copied in.

It sends it to them as well if I choose to now I’m not going to choose to because this is just something I want to work on then I’ll send the results to them so.

I say do not send but it would send it through as an appointment to those people if we were actually setting up a meeting that way so there’s some nice shonali in putting together appointments directly out of gmail one really nice additional feature to Google Calendar is the.

To publish calendars for public consumption now this is especially valuable for calendars that are going to be of public interest for example your favorite sports team can publish its calendar and.

Then you will have access to that calendar if you if you subscribe to that calendar that calendar will automatically populate into your calendar other examples could be school or religious holidays there’s a wealth of public calendars available plus you can create your own public calendar that can be shared say you belong to a community choir and you want to publish a schedule of rehearsals and concerts you can publish that calendar and everybody that belongs to the choir can subscribe then they have access allow.

Me to show you how it’s pretty simple if you go into the settings menu under the gear icon you will there find the ability to go to add a calendar and when you click on add a calendar this is where we go to create a brand.

New calendar but it’s also where you go to.

Browse calendars of interest now if you create and publish your own calendar.

That others are going to share you’re gonna want to then use from URL you’re gonna create a URL and we’ll show you that in another.

Tutorial but for now finding these public calendars is what I wanted to show you so here we have a list of some of the calendars that are available published that you can find right within Google so things like religious holidays Jewish holidays football basketball hockey oh let’s go to hockey hockey is good national hockey league will go into the national hockey league and choose my hometown team the Vancouver Canucks so I can now subscribe.

To the Vancouver Canucks schedule if I subscribe to that schedule when I go there let.

Me just turn it on there we go then when we go into our calendar we here have all of the calendars that I’m subscribed to if I turn on the Vancouver Canucks you will see all of the games that the Vancouver Canucks are involved in.

Let me go to the month view and that will show you a little more clearly there we go we go to a month and now we.

Second of our the 20th of February the avalanche plane my career and the cool thing here is because of the way that.

They publish the information and the calendar if you go back you can actually see the scores of the games that have already happened here they beat the Colorado Avalanche of the plane won again two games in close succession but this is a great way for you to.

Be able to again populate your calendar with items of interest and useful nature to you here’s a very cool.

Feature that many people don’t know is in Google Calendar the ability to have a daily agenda emailed to you first thing in the morning so you can open your.

Email and see exactly what’s in your upcoming list of things to do here’s my agenda that was sent to me 5 a. on Friday morning with a list of all of my appointments that I have on my calendar working out a zoom call.

With a friend lunch with a buddy and then recording some demos for the YouTube channel so this is.

Basis so when you wake up first thing in the morning if you just want to check your calendar you don’t want to log in say to your calendar on your phone.

You have an email with all of your agenda items sent to you it’s a great way to stay on top of things and you could also set this up so that your daily agenda is perhaps sent to an assistant or somebody else that needs to know what you’re doing each day now let me show you how you go about doing this because it’s a little bit obtuse getting to this particular control as most things.

In Google Calendar you start under the gear menu go into settings and you would spend a fair bit of time kind of poking around looking for the ability to send an agenda here you have to select the calendar that you want the agenda sent from that is the key to this particular feature and if we scroll down.