The New Era Of Entrepreneurship – How To Level Up Your Network And Influence!!!

Hey it’s Peter Rogoff through this best-selling book six months of six figures and founder of prestigious game-changers Academy and I’m just here thinking I get a questions every single day about how to succeed how to gain clarity how to level up how to build a life on my terms how to travel and here’s what I’ve realized with a.
Lot of studying and due diligence and the last 12 years of just being in.

The trenches it’s never been easier to succeed as an entrepreneur to build a life on your terms and to get to a whole different level of freedom significance peace of mind and financial success if you have the right network if you have the right roadmap and if you have a good circle of.

Influence and someone that can actually help you level up and cut your learning curve in half but here’s the scary thing it can also be the toughest time in human history and it can also be a extremely big challenge and nearly impossible to succeed as an entrepreneur if you don’t have the right network.

If you have super mints in to retry you everything on your.

Own and you aren’t investing back in yourself so you have to choose based on what you want because if I ask a hundred entrepreneurs if they’re gonna level up the next six months all 100.

Say horse I am but if you fast forward six months maybe five out of a hundred actually get to that next level because they’re the ones that invest in.

Themselves they’re the ones that level up their circle of influence and get around higher level people and they’re the ones that actually learn.

To delegate duplicate hire train and only focus on their strengths because the best way to predict someone’s next six months of.

Words not by words not even by actions it’s by looking at their previous six months because habits Trump inspiration and if you want to change your next six months and make them different and more effective with better results the next six months you got to change what you’re thinking about.

Daily change who you were around and make sure you’re operating with clarity that’s the reasons we created this Academy because when I was 22 23 I was investing in everything I could and nothing was giving me.

Real results nothing was tactical a lot of it was just my incest stuff which you need but you also need the tactics and the proven strategy so if you’re looking to level up if you don’t feel like your.

Intelligence matches your bank account if you actually are one of the three to five percent of entrepreneurs that want to rise above the noise and go to the next level by the way there’s noise in the background we don’t care this is authentic.

We’re just I’m just speaking from the guttin from the heart no script but if you really do want to see if you.
Have what it takes to be a real game-changer we.

Have guest speakers every month we’ve had Ryan Blair we have Elon Musk coming up we’ve had Gary Vaynerchuk with that Aaron Thomas we’ve had Arianna Huffington Tim Grover Grant Cardone we have Randall pitch coming up at my lab we just had Tom.

Bill you but you get a proven group of successful entrepreneurs like literally.