Get 10x More Money On Your Shopify Store By Outsourcing!

Hey guys what’s going on Jim’s here by econ insiders and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about where you can literally 10x your productivity get ten times as much done then no I’m not grant cardone I’m not gonna say just go out to our work where you need to work 10 times as hard and quit going to.

Toilet you can’t sleep this week there’s no one gonna be challenging but be positive you know get 10x more done while doing just the CMM line of work Drive so that’s what we’re breaking on this video let’s jump into it if you like it go ahead and drop a like hit subscribe.

If you’re new here and if you do want a free three-step training on how to start your very own e-commerce store link to that will be in the description as well but let’s jump into this video okay guys Jim’s here I’m gonna jump inside the computer and show you guys kind of three different websites that I used to go ahead and.

Increase my productivity by 10x and the way I’m going to be showing you how to do that is by hiring people and I know this is kind of like scary it’s hard to do sometimes I knew like when I.

First started it was like I don’t want to hire someone I can just do that myself and I get it done then next thing you know.
You start doing it it’s a whole DES gone and.

You think oh but I got that time I see it myself twenty bucks would it cost to get someone else to do which is just you know really really silly but a lot of people think that way they have.

That mentality of I’ll just do it it’ll save me the money what if I’m realizing the kind.

Of opportunity cost they’re missing out on or you know how much time they’re wasting and you should not be doing like $5 an hour $20 $100 and our activities if you’re making more than that right and if you’re running the store pretty much everything that you’re doing a.

Lot of stuff that you’re doing can be boiled down to five dollar activities right and you should really be focusing kinda the strategy the big high picture high level kind of view of your business and where you’re gonna.

You should have other people doing this other stuff so today I’m gonna break down I’m gonna go through three websites I’m gonna tell you something that is hugely improving my business.

And really helped me grow the team for my new brand over the past couple of months and weeks it’s really really helped it’s been really really awesome and it took a lot of work off my plate for example.

You know we’ve been setting up the email sequences for the new brand and that’s like over a hundred emails well you’re being doing stuff like.

Writing content I haven’t done either of them things I’m gonna set up the email that I have not wrote the content I did not build the sales pages there’s people doing all of that stuff and it really helped me focus in the bigger picture like getting the products in what products are we gonna do why should we develop what changes should be back to the product to make it better creating the adverts because that’s what I do the.

Video side of things you guys might have watched my video with John you know he’s doing all the video work for our company which is is shoot.