Sheepdog Says #178 – 5/10/15/20 Years In The Future

So it’s an interesting conversation today at work when one of my colleagues realized that I’m coming up on my four-year anniversary for starting at this place where I work now and Di’s mad it’s the longest job I’ve ever had I think most people my age don’t really hold jobs for that long you know four or five years is.

Probably the maximum sort of time they do it it got an interesting conversation when I started saying to people you know what.

Doing what’s your plan and I’m like oh.

Happy cracking on with what I’m doing to be honest ah it’s funny working where I work because we get a lot.

Of people who were a lot younger than me who’ve left uni done five years a company like mine and have moved on to a vendor company would have done something really big and so forth and now they’re all on sort of 50 grand plus wages and they’re driving around in fancy cars.

And they’re still living with the mums and dads because they’ve got no responsibilities and it’s all crazy and it seems kind of funny to look at that I think at some point I.

Mean I was chatting to one the other day and she was saying that she’s just come up to 30 and she still lives at home she doesn’t have any kids and she doesn’t have a partner and she doesn’t know anyone and she.

Was thinking to herself it was all of panic and then she thought if she met someone tomorrow fell madly in love of them they were the absolute one that she married them in theory she’d be living with that person for 70 years and I wouldn’t even be you know dabby twice.

The life she’s already led plus ten years yeah it’s not unrealistic to suggest that she’d lived to be a hundred based on science.

Medicine and all that stuff so that conversation and in fact I’ve been here for.

Years just made me sit there and think he’s he said to me like oh you know you not got long left you’ll be you’ll be said to me you’ll be 50 in like 15 years or whatever it covered what number he said I guess it’ll be 17 years that’s a.

Dream yeah but I’m also 30 odd years away from retirement because let’s face it probably 75 by the time I get there even if it’s not I’m still.

32 years away from it which is an insane amount of time so then it made me start thinking what do I think I’ll be doing in five years 10 years 15 years and 20 years I mean I scribbled out some notes to save me working up the sums on the fly I worked out in five years time booboo will be as primary.

School Bosco will be in year five where lamp up is now and lamp up will be in year 10.

Meaning she’ll be going in to basically do the GCSE years at school so for.

Them they’re like major changes to where they are now because boo-boos at nursery Bosco’s in year one and LAN pups in year five so their lives are we completely different in five years time because they’d have moved so far forward.

In school for me I’m hoping the whole the whole lame for me at this point is basically.

Keep plugging away at my job pay.

Clear the decks with all of that and just keep stabbing away at this stuff because.

Five years of doing this I should be I should have at least broken the 300 subscriber mark by then hidden him you know hopefully I’ll be in the three hundred thousand or the three million or whatever mark but let’s face it with a face like this I’ll be lucky if I get.

To a thousand but the point is I still want to be doing stuff like this I don’t ever see me writing it off or giving it up that said as I was writing out notes I thought I’ve been doing mature gamer for six years now will that live to be eleven years old does that seem like something will do for another five years and I don’t know what the answer is with that part of me looked at and thought well I can’t see us.

Just stopping we only meet up every Friday on the internet to do it but I don’t know.

It’s interesting it depends our famous keV gets I imagine he’s probably once he.

Can’t do it because he’s too busy and famous and Anna’s too busy and.

Famous will probably try and plug on for a bit and then we’ll probably sack it off because I don’t know we probably just won’t do it and that’s a weird thought I’ve been doing that for six years I’ve been doing that for longer than Bosco has been alive which again is a.

Bit mad when you think about it I’m hoping that yeah five years on I’d be basically right now as far as I’m concerned I’d be more senior in the job we currently do so we earning more I’d be doing better that company will be bigger and stronger and greater and so on and so forth in part due to hopefully my amazing success or whatever and then I’m thinking 10.

Years on I want to be looking at a position where I am running my own thing I’m doing sheep dog incorporated or sheep dog limit or whatever and I’m like mr. sheepdog boss man of his own madcap adventure because let’s face it most of my videos have been me go.
And either no idea where is my idea or somebodies give me an idea.

And I’m thinking surely surely 10 minutes from now 10 minutes 10 years from now I should have had one good business idea I mean I think I’ve already had.

A bazillion good business ideas it’s just they’ve already been done I mean I do that all the time I come with an idea a Googler like dammit and one day one of them’s got to be a.

New idea it’s quite mad at this point I made to know that Bhaskar would be in year 10 at secondary school boo boo would be in year five at Primary School and lamp up would be in a second year of university or some sort of equivalent I’m assuming she’d go to university that seems mental at that point we’re basically in a house it’s me mrs.

Lamp up is living somewhere in the country at university.

Coming home whenever she damn well.

Pleases and treating this place like a hotel at that point that seems insane by that point for me I’d moved out I hadn’t been living at home for years so if she follows in my footprints and mr.

Sheepdogs footprints she might not even live at home anymore which she seems insane considering she’s only a ten year old right now so that’s exciting oh she’s nine at the moment but that’s exciting to think that her life will be mad in ten years time so 15 years I’m thinking by then I should be in a position where I’ve got a company.