Secure Remote Access To On Premises Apps

As your active directory application proxy provides single sign-on SSO and secure remote access for web applications hosted on-premises this can include SharePoint sites Outlook Web Access or any other line of business web application you have to start things off you will need to enable the application proxy service in order to do so you will need to navigate to.

Azure Active Directory upon landing on the Azure Active Directory.

Page you will need to navigate to the application proxy service blade here you can see the button to enable the application proxy note this is also the location where you can download the application proxy.
Connector now that the necessary feature set has been enabled let’s jump.

Into the app server to install and register the connector the installation of the AAT application proxy connector is fairly straightforward it’s like installing any other program on your PC upon acknowledging the terms and conditions and clicking install you will be prompted to register the connector with the application proxy of your either Active Directory tenant provide your Azure Active Directory global administrator credentials make sure the admin who registers the connector is in the same directory.

Where you enable the application proxy service for example if the tenant domain is contoso com the admin should be admin at contoso comm or another alias on that domain back in Azure Active Directory to publish an application you will need to go to the enterprise applications blade here in the enterprise applications blade you’re presented a dashboard of the current applications available to your users and also have the ability to publish new applications today you’re going to be publishing two new on-premises applications and providing only.

The SG Finance Group permissions to access these apps since your main goal is to make on-premises apps readily available to users in the SG Finance Group.

From any location you will need to select.

The option on-premises application the name of the application should be a user-friendly name and must be unique within your directory the internal URL is the address that.

Proxy connector uses to access the application from inside your private network you can provide a specific path on the backend server to publish while the rest of the server is unpublished in this way you can publish different sites on the same server and.

Give each one its own name and access rules for this application let’s.

Use the URL HTTP colon for slash forward slash app server 1 forward slash expenses forward slash preauth n ocation is the method used by the application proxy to verify users before giving them access to your application within the drop down menu you are presented two options.

Azure active directory here the application proxy redirects users to sign in with azure active directory which authenticates their permissions for the directory and.

The application pass-through does not require users to authenticate to access the application for the expense app let’s use the pass-through option now that all requirements have been met it’s time to.

Publish however just because your application is now published does.