Swift 4.2 Xcode 10 Project Source Code Updates

Hey what is going on everybody welcome back to another exciting episode on the channel I really hope you’re having a fantastic day doing whatever you’re doing out there today in this video I would like to make a quick announcement for a lot of the updates that I’ve applied to the various projects that I’ve released onto this channel you.

Know in the last year or two so I have four simulators on the screen and right over here so one two.

Three and four and all of these source code for the projects right here are now available using the Swift 4.

Be compatible with Xcode 10 as let’s see October 24th of 2018 and so what I wanted to do in today’s video is to kind of go over some of the highlights for.

These applications over here and maybe I’ll convince you to look through the source code and learn exactly how these applications are built out alright so starting on the very left side we have this guy and the iPhone.

X R this guy is actually the firebase chat application that we worked on maybe a year or even two years ago and.

So this application over here allows us to chat in real time with any of the users that sign up for this application here and so if I wanted to type in a message down here I can start tapping it in so here is a new message hit the enter or hit the send button that message should show up down here I don’t have the auto scrolling working right now but you can sort of figure out how to do that on your own something else that you can do is to.

Send images and also send new videos I will demo how to send an image right now by clicking on let’s see that clicking on this nice lady in these short shorts right here and let’s kind of focus on the center here click on the choose and.

You’ll see that her image should show up down here and there we go and then something else that you can do is.

To click on these images and it will zoom it directly in the center of your application just like that you can click on this image as well click on this top one and you see they nicely animate to the center of your application so that’s the firebase chat messenger app that you can now download using the source and link down below in the description.

And then the next step we have the classic app store which kind of looks like this I’m pretty sure all of you guys remember what the classic app store looks and feels like right and.

We have a vertical list like this and I guess the most important part about this application is to sort of learn how to render a vertical list of rows and inside of each one of.

Your rows you also want to be able to kind of horizontally scroll like that inside of every one of your rows so that’s kind of what we have inside of this application that’s the behavior.

For each one of our scroll iasts really guys like that and I don’t think I showed you guys how to build out this a different looking cell selection or this cell row right here so if you want to.

Learn how to do that make sure to kind of look at the source code down below something else that.

You can do is to click on this application over here so you see your frozen Disney build it frozen which.

Was a pretty good movie I think it did pretty well in the box office and upon clicking that app you’ll kind of slide into the detailed view for this application we’re here you can kind of see that we have a couple of these.

Screenshots related to this application and if you click on the telepath over here it also goes into the detail view for.

This app just like so and it doesn’t work for every application but it works for this one here and also this one and so the important thing to note is that it actually takes a while to figure out how to kind of pipe up the event of.

Clicking on this horizontal collection view here pipe it up to the overall table view or a vertical collection video guide and then finally you have to kind of notify the entire controller that you want to kind of dive deep into a detailed view like that alright so that’s kind of the application that we built out I think in the very early days of this channel so hopefully you guys are able to kind of pick up these with 4.

Using the latest updated source code and then next up we have the YouTube application over there maybe I’ll shrink myself down a little bit and back in the good old days of 2000 and what 16 the YouTube applications kind of look like this it looks a.

Lot different compared to what you have in the current application you no longer have this red bar and then all of the images look a little bit different but anyways this guy right here also allows you to swipe left and right moving into the different sections at home we have trending there and then we.

Have I think subscriptions and then finally this user profile account get alright so this application is also available in the description below something else that we worked on is the ability to present this panel of options that setting those terms you know if you’d back help switch count and then cancel and so you can actually click on one of these guys down here and then upon clicking it actually.

Dismisses that Settings panel and then it’ll bring you in to whatever you clicked on so you kind of see it’s said settings up there if you click on terms and privacy it’ll kind of bring you to this.

Blank white page like that so I believe a lot of you guys found this.

Feature very very insightful in terms of how to figure out you know placing views inside.

Of your entire app and then sliding it up from the bottom so if you want to download the source code for this app it is available down below one of the features that we worked on is the ability to click on one of these video guys but I don’t exactly.

Remember if I showed you guys how to dismiss this view down below but this is supposed to play as some kind of video I don’t think the video is available anymore that’s kind of why it’s not loading but if you plug in a video that’s available on the Internet you should be able to get it to play up at the very top there alright so let me kind of.

Dismiss this guy and then maybe I’ll bring it back.

Up and so here we go that is our YouTube application and then finally we have this guy which is the audible walkthrough series I don’t know exactly how I come up with these names but the audible application has a couple.