Html Video Tutorial – 104 – Html5 Video Tag – Part 1

Hello friends welcome to HTML video tutorial series in this video tutorial I am going to discuss html5 video tag before html5 to play video files user need to install plugins like flash player or any equivalent player inside browsers which would take more storage extra resources also almost all of the mobile platforms don’t support flash player nowadays I think.

You know that then what is the solution to these problems how do we let user to play video files on any platform without depending on.

Plugins the solution is html5 video tag almost all modern browsers of almost all platforms support html5 video tag now using html5 video tag user can play video files without installing any plugins because videos are directly played by the browsers hence need not to depend on plugins let’s try to use the video tag and understand how it works first I create an HTML document so I go to start type here notepad I click.
On notepad Here I am going to write the basic HTML structure less than.

Doctype HTML HTML Lang equal to en closing.

HTML tag opening head tag closing head tag opening body tag closing body tag in the head section I write meta care SEC equal to utf-8 close I said the title as html5 video tag demo closing title I save the file file save as I save the.

File at desktop with the name default dot HTML both sides I put double quotations and.

Save the file at desktop you can see the file God created I right click on it open with the Firefox you can see default dot HTML page got open and title he said to html5 video tag demo I minimize it I right click once again on default dot HTML page open with the Internet Explorer I say no you can default dot.

HTML page got open and title he said to html5 video tag mo I minimize it I go to the notepad in the body tag I am going to use video tag video tag is a paid tag so I am going to.

Write here less than video greater than I have written here opening video tag and then I write closing video tag simple right video tag has one of the attribute called as SRC that takes the source video file that you.

Want to play it is very simple here I have a video you can see with the name wildlife I am going to copy that name and paste it here control V Wildlife dot mp4 so I have used the video tag with a source attribute set the video very simple I say file save go to Firefox and refresh you can see that I am getting the first frame of the video actually videos width is 1000 above and height is more than 700 so you can see.

I am getting the very big black screen over this is actually the first frame of the video friends same thing I try to open in Internet Explorer I go to Internet Explorer i refresh the page.

If i refresh the page you can see that nothing is happening here I am NOT getting that black frame or the first frame.

Of the video also the reason is if I click on help go to about Internet Explorer you can see that I am using Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Which HTML video tag is not supported in Internet Explorer 8 so I should tell to the user that your browser don’t support the video tag please upgrade your Internet Explorer to the higher version how do we do that to do.