Crystal Lang The Programming Language You Never Heard Of But Must Use | #codingphase

To cheer you ready no she a boy Joe back at it again coding phase calm your boys back and out and did it again guys listen today’s topic is is crystal the most promising programming language of 2018 it’s dislike the language that’s gonna take over is this the language that you should be looking at alright now what I.

Was gonna say to you guys is it’s very fast I think out of all the programming languages is the fastest one of course besides CES C++ cuz they’re pretty lower level they’re very close to the machine code but besides that crystal is right there like literally leading the pack it’s faster than.

Go people be like oh go is the fastest is like not really buddy you gotta start looking at this so yeah crystal is where is that guys now who is crystal for crystal is it is not for the person who’s trying to get a job right now at the.
Moment right if you are developing you’re like oh man I want to get a.

Job right now and I wanna you know it’s my first time being a developer like you can look at it you could try it out you can test it out play around with it right but right now currently there’s not that many companies using crystal right.

Because it’s still on beta once it touches 1.

0 then that’s it everybody’s gonna be okay now is stable the API is gonna stay the same nothing’s gonna be having no breaking changes so people are gonna stick with it right now like I said there’s a lot.

Of people talking about golang a lot of people talk about no GS there’s a lot of people talking about.

Russ elixir Python right but this is the fastest language out there okay there’s no debate around it this is the fastest language out there and we’re gonna keep on talking about this okay so let’s keep on scrolling down.

This is actually an article that Sam Johnson basically wrote I’m going to add.

This to my my website I’m also gonna add it to the description into before you guys to actually watch and and.

Read okay so let’s keep on moving right so basically is as fast to see what slick like Ruby so if you come from the background of Ruby and you come from the background or Python because Python and Ruby are very similar in.

A lot of ways so if you’re coming from those backgrounds this is gonna be like icing on a cake because it’s just super fast all right so let’s continue with this so performance is legit uses the LLVM framework basically goes toe-to-toe with.

C++ and Russ any day of the week basically I’m gonna show you guys there’s a link of which one is the fastest alright and this is that I believe is about fastest what frameworks.

Okay so they tested out all the different web frameworks that are out there and just to see which one is the fastest all right so the.

Fastest one is actually cold one Cole router CR.

So router crystal okay this thing is extremely fast.

Okay now let me see if I could show you a couple of other ones you got router crystal then the second one is rust third one is nickel for foreigners iron then the fifth one is crystal again which is.

Race they’re from they you got Python jabarut on fast HTTP router free go so there’s a couple of them over here now you can see expresses.

All the way at the bottom like they test out the speed to test out how long it takes for the request to come back in and and pretty much is like when you do the test and you see it.

You’re like okay crystal and it just blows it out the box automatically alright so for those people oh no they’re super fast.

Is like is alright it’s coming up in this world but it’s alright it’s not really that fast when you go and you put it against go or you put it against crystal and like crystal is already beating golang so doctor that should tell you everything right so this is a list that has like all the fastest web frameworks out there and in reality you might think like who is this for like you know a fast web.

Framework when I could do everything with laravel Larry Bell is actually pretty slow but like let’s say.

In a situation where you need to serve a lot of different requests right so let’s say an example you have a million phones out there right connected to so this one server and it needs to just constantly give out data.

And forth back and forth right you need a server that’s actually going to be super fast to be able.

Requests okay now basically router crystal is very simple it’s a small low application little framework I definitely.

Gonna maybe do like got the story on that you’re on YouTube so people who actually.

See how it works you just have like a cool introduction to like Crystal Wayne a cool introduction to the beginning stages of you know router crystal okay now let’s keep on moving so the syntax is very similar to love Ruby if you know Ruby you pretty much know no crystal the only difference is that it has static typing and for some people that.

Might be a problem but for some people that might be the best thing that can happen to any programming language all right so yeah there’s also fibers you know you come in and you might think like hey man you didn’t work Kobach.

He’ll JavaScript it’s like you’re not dealing with none of that right one thing that you see constantly in JavaScript it’s like.

No no like those type of errors you’re not gonna have in crystal because there’s a compiled language so before it even compiles it tells you hey man.

It’s just not gonna work you got to fix this thing right so that’s one of the best things about Crystal Lake.

You’re not having those a little all the mistakes that you see in JavaScript they’re not in crystal Lang at all you know so that’s pretty cool it also has.

Shards so shards are pretty similar to no packages and they’re very similar to Ruby gems so it’s like its own package package management system so it’s pretty.

Legit pretty much it says Mary otic rise in popularity so yeah right now crystal Lang is going up the ranks man like it’s gonna get to at least in the top.

Five you know in the next year and that’s for sure I can guarantee you like it’s definitely gonna be in the top five all it’s really missing right now is just.

One major company to say hey you know our website used to be built in Ruby on Rails hey now we’re using amber the moment somebody says that any company it’s a.