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Hello welcome to media Monday we’re going to do drinks tonight we’re going to talk a little bit about astral travel dreams lucid dreaming and everything dreaming so I decided you know that I would be in sleep mode so I have my Alexis Carrington Minko on right I’m gonna take that off and now I’m going to wear my poltergeist.
T-shirt I don’t really ever wear t-shirts but if I.

Do I usually sleep in them so this is what I’m sleeping in tonight so I’m in full character so everybody dreams guys so that’s what.

We’re going to talk about tonight we’re going to talk about dreams one of the big questions in the chat room that I’ve seen so far as how how can we bring our loved ones into the dream state we’re going to talk about that tonight so yeah.
That’s a good question I think.

I hard at that so whoever answer that are asked that Pamela good job girl okay hello everybody as you’re coming in most of all of us have dreams I’ve.
Met some people that have told me that they.

Don’t dream and they really usually do they just probably don’t remember the dream so we’re going to talk about how to dream what type of dreams we have I’ve given you some information about some links on how to discern your dreams basically and some links on how to do what I like is binary beats which is kind of like the.

Noise to get you into the good Delta sleep so you’ll have a link to a really good meditation that you can use tonight so we’re going to.

All that so I’ve got a list of a whole.

Bunch of information so it’s going to probably go really fast like five pages of stuff that I personally have used and also researched over the years and feel free to add things not on the document because the document specifically is only for questions okay but if you want to add things in the chat room because this again is not just about and I want to stress this is not just.

Experience with you guys because the reason watching us to do this is because when I came out of the psychic.
Closet there was not a lot of people in Pensacola that was.

Willing to share and explain so if you have you know children specifically I get calls.

Probably every week about people that are having children that are seeing things family members that are having experiences paranormal experiences I call it house activity and they just don’t know what to do or who to talk to and you know it’s not like they can go to their church it’s not like they can.

Tell some friends because they might think you’re crazy so because I was actually from a family that kind of had all this hocus-pocus in it I was better to understand my.

Journey and so my intent to do this show is to share that knowledge but not only just share it my intent is to have us share our experiences as well so this isn’t.

Just about me and expert which.

I’m not teaching you information it’s.

About us sharing it’s it’s it’s kind of a co-op a psychic co-op if you would think of.

It that way so again in the chat room if there are things that you’ve experienced you know I’ll open it up in a little while for some dream sharing you know if there’s you know something that you dreamed about it’s kind of crazy again don’t put it on.