The Reality Of Programming

Yeah man it’s been a while I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday so my nerve lips froze perfect I’m mr. Cody bunny my face is still a little bit like fat swollen doesn’t look as bad anymore but I’ve been working on a lot over the past month new things that I haven’t done before I figured this.

Is the perfect way to tell you to talk to you guys about the reality of programming do my throat.

I feel like my throat’s kind of messed up like it sounds weird I probably probably shouldn’t be making a video right now well we shouldn’t be talking so much I’m gonna start bleeding profusely out of my mouth Peter.
Huh okay I got to turn into a badass programmer okay I got it you.

Can see our application is is running here if the views are less than the clickbait subscribers times the boobs then we go into this loop with.

Depending on how much money YouTube throws out our video we get more views based on that as well if there’s more than 1.5 boobs in the thumbnail then our YouTube algorithm becomes recursive and we are stuck.

Getting views forever we have our YouTube application here you can see we’re just printing all money oh I forgot I forgot I forgot one thing if our.

Clickbait has code in the thumbnail the YouTube algorithm just gives us few million views unfortunately our clickbait.

Is a number and it cannot be directly translated into words so not many people understand what the thumbnail means which kind of gives undefined results.

Sometimes your tech videos will get a million views and sometimes they’ll get no views sometimes it breaks the system people expect like some sort of expert programmer and he’s gonna be like this badass guy who knows every language he doesn’t have to think he just does.

It that is not how that’s not so this is the reality okay confusion frustration Stack Overflow you’re constantly learning like everybody as is a beginner at some layer of the stack this is this is technology.
Stack so some people just focus on network programming and some people.

Just work on operating system programming you know cloud computing some people just focus on the front-end programming there is no programmer that knows everything man is being ok with the frustration and all this stuff and the confusion that comes.

When you’re programming uh you know I can I can tell you guys but I really just want to show you through examples a few months ago I wanted to write this program that would automate part of my video editing process I think I have like ten hours of footage of me reading the documentation and being so confused I was like filled your favorite new feature in the industry-leading editing software guide the Dolby.

Premiere Pro still using the drop shadow I want to be able to organize my footage inside of the sequence inside.

Of the time line organ installation okay so what are we even looking for here is the question I’m trying to do something pretty basic I feel like oh no what I’m looking.

For none of these samples are like what I want to build this guy goes I am able to create sequence using script but how can I import video clip to sequence using script that’s the.

Same question I have there’s no publicly supported API to allow for that this thing is 300 pages long and I can’t point a video on the sequence I’m not sure if this is illegal check out what is the file actually look like right now like I’m gonna have to decode the binary prolly plus imp or one video and then we can save a second copy.

I think what I can do is I can read out all this binary and into a program and then I can determine the changes between this file and this file like what binary has changed between the two files what ones and zeros they used.
To say that this big that this is here what.

Does this mean is there a way to add a new audio or video track into a sequence the only.
Way to do such a track insert requires the unsupported qe.

Dom API unsupported that will change with our next major release this is only a year ago you should be able to add tracks using the unsupported and undocumented quality engineering sequence method add track no at this point honestly I want to make my own video editor cuz I’m so annoyed that I can’t automate this so I’ve since abandon that project and I’m still just editing my videos.

But what I really wanted to share with you guys is.

That like I’ve basically become a beginner in all of these topics something I’ve struggled with is trying to I’ve been trying to do too many things I’m.

A little distracted by batteries and I’m distracted by circuits so part of me feels like you know I wish I specialized in something then I might get really good at it I don’t know I hope this video made sense to you I hope I didn’t confuse you actually I hope I did confuse you I’m confused a lot.

Of the time I’m confused right now no no man it’s it’s just it’s just cuz there’s always new stuff that’s being written.

But I’m very confused so I’m gonna go to bed and maybe when I wake up tomorrow I’ll be less confused and then I’ll go on my computer and get it confused again so I’ll see you all in the next video let me know what you think about confusion are you confused it’s the for.