Learn To Burn: Results Based Programming

Everybody my name is Luke Samantha hi guys this is Jules y’all nice to meet you Luke Smith hi nice to meet you thanks for tuning in you are watching this because you’re doing a 6b challenge okay and we are here to talk to you about yeah and today’s topic is results okay results are really important to you if.

Important to you they’re really important to us so we have a specific specific philosophy we follow to help you get results and this first video is just talking about the overview of what that is.

And what that means yeah and it’s gonna be a candid conversation okay we didn’t really rehearse this so keep that in mind we want to keep this video short sweet and sweet that.

Are gonna be sweet no matter one and you’re gonna learn a lot so so our first we’re gonna okay okay first slide you guys pure attention so the first thing when a tight one is switching your.

Your frame of thinking when it comes to results okay we’re gonna talk about this more in a second but we do not follow a weight-loss program okay it’s a.

Program yes yeah all right so blame happens when you achieve blame results happen when you achieve your goals so rearranging your thought process would mean your goal is to not lose 20 pounds okay your goal shouldn’t be behavior based okay what’s a behavior musical behavior based goal would be I’m having to eat five Snickers today I’m gonna eat three fantastic that is a great goal yeah so it’s a to behavior so hey.
You can’t necessarily check off losing 20 pounds off a list right.

You can check off only having three Snickers so the final ones do that so it’s important to think of it that way so now we’re gonna.

Talk about roles you know in a little bit and we’re gonna dive in them more and more depth but first I want understand when it music it results okay so this is a fancy spreadsheet that we use so you can see what happens inside your body and you can literally see metabolic change before it.
Shows in the scale right so I’ll talk.

You through this sheet so we have we’re tracking weight on one column right next to the not pointing to it like you can see equation but scrolling way further to the right and here we have body X but.

Once our body that had lean body mass LVM mean body mass and what is the right serving everything but your back so your pain your muscles your bones your blood your organs your brain all those things that make up your body aside from.

Your body fat so this is a fancy way for us just to measure that and give you something concrete no you know it’s measurable over time so you can see those results over time correct and what we can do about it with the things.

We can change with Meghani master Prince’s muscle and when that goes up also bone density ligament density tubes or things that are gonna help you be healthier right.

Okay and lean body mass is where your metabolism is.

And we want to make sure that we improve that if we want to truly help you see better results and feel better now and also five years from now we have to look at that and we can’t disregard that because that’s like I said where your metabolism is.

That’s where your vitality comes from an important piece because we tend to look at just that number on the scale or your BMI which is just a little calculation you know regardless of your health status right you know you have two people at the same weight but very different health statuses so that doesn’t give us them the picture that we’re looking for for your results for your long term.

Success right the list I do this.

Example here so this person started at 238 and it started.

3% body that and a hundred and thirty nine point eight pounds of lean body mass okay so now let’s look at back home so first check-in down to 36 one nice increasingly embody maps 144 seven beautiful the next check-in down six percent down to know that next check in the third.

Check in would be little loops here so this is the one we’re looking at.

Now that one’s at thirty-one point one percent body fat so the body fat didn’t go down it went up a little bit but now the problem is is when the body mass.

Goes down okay so that is when we need to change your goals okay so what got you here and we’ll get you right.

There thanks so let me need to change something so right so in this situation we actually increased caloric intake so we plateau out here January 29th was a plateau what we needed to do is increase caloric intake to us through that Plateau so it’s not how about eating less and moving more that’s not how yeah so fat loss versus weight loss you should understand that so fat loss is what we what we trying to follow okay it includes building lean.

Mass with with weight loss it’s more or less just focusing on losing weight right and so sometimes that number on the scale doesn’t always show what is actually happening in the body so that’s an important piece for us so we don’t want to you shouldn’t expect to win it okay you expect it with every month so here’s some basics 104 percent body fat per month 104 pounds of lean mass gains per month again we’re not looking at the scale we’re looking at these numbers that are.

Telling us the bigger picture so don’t get your mind set on to drop 10 20 30 pounds right because that might.

Not always be the case and that’s not where your win so we have to see the bigger picture to tell that.

Entire story yep and that says it’s you just have to have faith in the process process yeah so now here is.

The do angle of change okay so our goal I’m bouncing back here our goal is to keep your bad down and knee max all right now the three things that we help toggle and the three behaviors that we help you modify are what you do for nutrition what you do for your exercise and what you do for your supplements okay now everybody is in a different.

Spot they’re just like Jewel said some people have the mindset where we just need to stop eating all these Snickers bars every day and right so that person is probably not gonna be ready for some right so for exercise to work you have to eat good yes okay you can get some results with exercise but if any good you can’t have exercise a bad diet correct it’s been.

Tried many times in them at work in the supplements too maybe you’re not eating good or exercising or doing the things that you need to right are you right I wonder what I will say is if you have limitations with exercise due to some chemical on this advantage then we gotta leverage these other two pieces that much more so and that’s where we come in expert coaching comes in and we help you dial in.

Certain things in these categories so there’s there’s certain people that may be ready for a carb cycling.

Or something a little bit more dramatic with nutrition right some people are ready for that some people aren’t ready for German volume training for exercise right everybody’s.

In their spots so we can help dial this in depending where you’re at and add alright so that concludes our talk for today.

Hopefully you guys learned some things and you get a foundation of how we can help you out further videos will dive into each of these categories yeah yeah yeah and always here for you guys to ask questions throw those questions out there you have.